Youth Work in Trades

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Youth Work in Trades (formerly known as Secondary School Apprentice SSA) is a formal arrangement that allows high school students to become official apprentices registered to industry employers who in turn provide Work Based Training opportunities. Youth Work in Trades is open to students who are motivated to gain hands-on training in a designated trade. Details to note: Students who work 480 hours may achieve up to 16 graduation credits (TRN11A, TRN11B, TRN12A, TRN12B) (each 120 time segment earns credit for one Youth Work in Trades course). Students work after school or during school holidays or students may attend school on a part-time basis and work during the time they are not attending classes. Students are generally paid (between $12.00 - $15.00/hour). Students may be eligible for a $1,000 scholarship if they complete all four Youth Work in Trades courses and they continue working in the trade, logging a minimum of 900 hours before they turn 19. Successful participation in a trade program enhances a student’s opportunity of acceptance into a college or university. Hours logged as an Youth Work in Trades apprenticeship during the program count toward the total number of hours required for full trade certification. The goal for Youth Work in Trades is to provide seamless transition from school to work and give students a head start in employment training in the skilled trades. Industry Training Authority and BC Ministry of Jobs Skills and Training are predicting a significant shortage of skilled trades workers in the coming decade. Participation in this program will ensure students are well positioned for success in the job market.

How to Become Eligible:

  • Demonstrate a suitable level of maturity and interest in the trades;
  • Identify an employer who is trades qualified and willing to provide employment and register you as an apprentice in the desired occupation;
  • Each specific program has unique pre-requisites determined by the post secondary institution providing the training. See a career counsellor to determine if you qualify for the program.

Examples: Auto body repair, carpenter, professional cook, electrician, glazier, hairdresser, meat cutter, painter, plumbing & piping, welder, heavy duty commercial transport mechanic, joiner/cabinet maker, sheet metal worker, machinist, auto service technician, horticulture, metal fabrication, marine service technician, arborist technician, refrigeration air conditioning technician. Need more information? Contact Stu Rhodes (250) 544-0313 or (250) 415-9211 in the Stelly’s Career Centre for information regarding the application process. Visit this website: (Industry Training Authority). Stu Rhodes would be happy to communicate with you at

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