Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication, Foundation (Camosun College)

For more detailed information see the following link to the Saanich Career Education web page: Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication

Students interested in this program must meet with a Career Teacher to development a personal education/transition plan and complete all appropriate application and registration forms.

As a graduate of the Sheet Metal Technician program, you’ll be able to seek entry-level positions in the construction, sheet metal, sheet metal manufacturing and aircraft structural industries.

Sheet Metal and Metal Fabrication Foundation program is 30 weeks in duration.

  • Students in this program gain entry level skills to work in a variety of metal trades areas including, but not limited to architectural sheet metal, H-VAC, metal fabrication, aviation & aerospace fabrication, as well as numerous marine applications. They will learn about numerous cutting and joining methods that includes various types of welding and fasteners.
  • Students will develop safe work practices and acquire the requisite skills to operate a plethora of hand tools, portable power tools, and stationary tools related to the metal trades.
  • Layout, development, and assembly projects will require students to possess solid applied math and geometry skills.

Pre-requisites: English 11 - 60%; Math 11 - 60%; minimum of 30 hours of related work experience