Hairstylist ( in partnership with Vancouver Island University)

For more detailed information see the following link to the Saanich Career Education web page: Hairstylist

Students interested in this program must meet with a Career Teacher to development a personal education/transition plan and complete all appropriate application and registration forms.

Hairstylist holds a multitude of rewarding career opportunities for creative people.

This Vancouver Island University / Saanich School District Hairstylist Career Program offers an exceptional educational program! It is a Dual Credit program, which means you can earn both high school and university course credits.

Our program combines a first class teaching salon with professional Vancouver Island University instructors to create the perfect setting for excellence in career education.

Learning is accomplished through practical instruction and student participation with equipment, tools and materials normally used in the trade.

We create a positive environment with a comprehensive curriculum of superior quality, incorporating the use of interactive powerpoint and DVD technology. This revolutionary technology, combined with superior education, results in the ultimate hands-on experience.

Students quickly advance to performing services on clients in Saanich’s own Teaching Salon – Studio 63.

There are practical Work Based Training Components. Students will be involved in Work Experience 12A/12B as well as Youth Work In Trades (formerly Secondary School Apprenticeship) Programs. Students frequently compete in local, provincial and national competitions.

This is a year long program – from February 1st until January 31st. There is a one week spring break and a two month summer holiday, during which time students should be engaged in work experience placements with local salons.

Learn more from Stu Rhodes, Stelly's Career Counsellor at or contact Wendy Walker, Principal of ILC at