Heart of the Arts

Heart of the Arts is an enrichment opportunity for our Grade 12 students who have focused on the Performing Arts in their courses. A grade 12 student with 34 credits in the Arts (Music, Band, Dance, Acting, Fine Art, Musical Theatre, etc) may enroll in Heart of the Arts and earn credit in an Independent Directed Study that focuses on the student's interests. Opportunities to work with professionals in the field and connect with career and university/college programs, as well as portfolio creation and certification assistance are also a key component of the program. Students will also participate in a handful of workshops throughout the year facilitated by visiting artists and performers. Heart of the Arts students will be honoured at the end of the year for their work and dedication to the Arts at Stelly's. If you are interested in this program, please speak with one of our performing arts teachers to fill out an application. Occasionally students may use supporting art programs for their application such as digital media, jewellery making, woodworking, textiles, or out of school training.