English Honours Program

In English -- there are additional challenging opportunities available to students who have an excellent scholastic background and a strong work ethic. These students may apply for and work to achieve HONOURS standing in particular courses.

Please note the following:

  • Honours designation is by subject. Students might have such a designation in only one, several or all of their core courses;
  • “Additional challenging opportunities” does not necessarily mean extra activities. Honours courses are characterized by alternative enriching activities considered to be suited to the learning style typical of highly scholastic students. This should avoid concerns about the simple “piling on of more work.” Work done at a higher level supplements, or more likely, substitutes for activities more suited to regular program students;
  • In all cases, the Prescribed Learning Outcomes are the same for Honours and Regular programs; and
  • Assessment practices (evaluation and testing) will be identical in Honours and Regular programs. In particular, the same tests and the same grading standards will be applied. No student need fear a lower grade because he/she has accepted the challenge of a higher scholastic goal. There will be a maximum of two Honours sections per grade level per subject. Honours students may be in “mixed ability” classes in which Honours students will be provided with the alternative learning opportunities described above.

Please note the subjects listed below.

Honours Level Subject

Entry Expectations

English 10 – 11 (H)

A grade of “B” or higher or department recommendation

English 12 (H)

A grade of “B” or higher or department recommendation. Possibly taken in combination with Literature 12