South Island Distance Education School

South Island Distance Education School (SIDES)

The South Island Distance Education School (SIDES) is a public Distributed Learning (DL) school which is dedicated to providing flexible online learning opportunities to students in British Columbia. SIDES is part of the Saanich School District. Courses taken at SIDES follow the Ministry of Education-authorized curriculum and count toward graduation in B.C.

Students taking SIDES courses typically work at a distance (at their homes or at their neighbourhood schools) although they are welcome to come in to work in our Student Centre or to meet with teachers on an appointment basis. In addition, students may communicate with SIDES teachers via email, online discussions, online chats, virtual classrooms, text, phone, or mail.

All secondary SIDES courses are offered online. Instruction is contained in the course content (in written and/or video form) and may be supplemented by virtual classes offered by SIDES teachers. SIDES provides access to the course (via username and password) as well as all required materials - please note that a refundable textbook deposit is will be collected by SIDES for those courses which require a textbook. Students may take a variety of programs at SIDES, including:

  • online academic courses;
  • online elective courses; and.
  • dual credit academic courses (in partnership with Camosun College).

For more information on SIDES options, please visit the school website at or contact the school at 250-704-4979.