Mental Health and Wellness 11

In this course, students will explore topics surrounding mental health and wellness, working to deepen their understanding and comfort around a number of topics ranging from anxiety and depression to social media and body image. Students will be given the opportunity to consider and develop their own wellness plans, while also working to create an action project promoting positive community health and well-being.

Psychology 11

An interactive, participatory course dealing with why people do the things they do. Understanding what motivates us to behave in certain ways is a big part of Psychology. Psychology 11 encourages students to do hands on experiments in the school. We look a child and parenting psychology and get to “try out” being a parent with a robotic baby. Other interesting topics are the differences in the teenage brain and why some people have difficulty coping with daily life in our abnormal Psychology unit.

Psychology 12

Prior learning as an indicator of success: Social Studies 10. Psychology 11 is recommended, but not required.

Psychology 12 aims to prepare students who may be considering careers working in the helping professions such as Nursing, Childcare, Social Work, and Counselling. This course will include a number of guest speakers that are involved in the psychology profession. Topics may include the psychology of happiness, sleep and dream patterns, hypnosis, cognitive function and mental differences such as Learning Difficulties, Autism, ADHD, Schizophrenia etc. Students will stay up to date with the latest research and findings in the Psychology and related fields. There will also be opportunities for independent study in areas that are of interest to students.

Psychology 12/Psychology 130

Prior learning as an indicator of success: Social Studies 10 and Social Studies 11. Psychology 11 is recommended, but not required.

This Dual Credit course takes concepts from Psychology 11 and 12 and looks at them in greater detail. This course acquaints students with major contemporary issues in psychology and considers their historical antecedents.

Psychology 130 counts for course credit at Camosun College and may qualify as credits for university transfer (depending on the university). Psychology 12 is a prerequisite and runs as a combined course with Psychology 130.