Physical Education

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Athletic Conditioning 11/12

Athletic Conditioning (AC) 11/12 is a 4 credit course designed to prepare the serious Grade 11/12 athlete for excellence in competition. Beginning with an athletic assessment, athletes will learn what they should focus on to prevent injury and compete at the next level. Classes are varied and intense, alternating between cardio, strength, speed, agility and quickness.

This course is offered outside the regular time table: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before school.

Climbing Academy 9-12

Students will learn to pursue climbing as a lifelong passion, whether as a profession or a recreational activity. The climbing content will cover a wide range of skills and settings, in a supportive and diverse community. Daily classes will include combinations of physical, technical and theory instruction. The academy will support students in connecting with the broader climbing community and believes that the participation in social programs enhances personal growth and self-discovery.

An application must be submitted. See the Stelly's website for more information.

This course is offered year long or as a semester class.

Albert Edward 2017 Stelly's

Outdoor Pursuits 11

Students will participate in two main themes: Outdoor Education and Recreation and Leisure. Outdoor education includes clothing and equipment necessary for backcountry travel, map and compass work, minimum impact camping principles, wilderness first aid, group leadership skills, rappelling and rock climbing on Stelly’s wall. Students will be required to do one project related to outdoor education. Recreation and Leisure content will include a sampling of a variety of recreational activities, some peer teaching and some fitness activities.

Outdoor Pursuits 12

Prior learning as a predictor of success: Outdoor Pursuits 11 would be beneficial although not mandatory.

Students will experience some of Vancouver Island's amazing outdoor adventures. Outdoor Pursuits students will train for, and take part in, either a four to six day trip to the “Nitinat Triangle” in the Spring or a four day canoe trip to the “Sayward Lakes” in the fall. A second trip to the “Juan de Fuca Trail” (or part of the trail) may also be offered. Students will focus on trip preparation, outdoor awareness, wilderness skills, minimum impact hiking and camping, nature appreciation, cooperation, first aid and, of course, hiking and canoe skills. Other recreational activities may includes curling, skating and or broomball. Willingness to learn, love for adventure, and the outdoors is mandatory.

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Physical and Health Education 9

Students will develop fundamental movement skills in a variety of physical activities, identifying personal goals and participating in activities designed to enhance fitness and healthy living goals. Students will also focus on strategies for developing and maintaining healthy relationships as well as promoting mental well being for themselves and others.

Physical and Health Education 10

Students will apply and refine a variety of movement concepts and strategies in different physical activities. Students will be encouraged to demonstrate safety, fair play and leadership during this course. Students will pursue personal healthy living by setting goals, planning how to achieve them and reflecting on them throughout the course. Students will explore the relationship between physical activities, mental well being and overall health.

Physical Education 11 (Active Living 11)

Prior learning as a predictor of success: Physical Health Education 9/10

This course requires a positive attitude and a willingness to work and cooperate with others. This curriculum builds on the curriculum developed for Physical Health Education 9/10. In this course, students focus their learning in areas of personal interest and participate in activities that promote social interaction, community responsibility, skill development and fitness. Teachers will work with students to develop programs to meet student needs and interests.

Recreation Facility Management 12

Prior learning as a predictor of success: the desire to work with children.

While this course provides grade 12 credits grade 11’s are also encouraged to register and in some cases may be acceptable for grade 10’s. Recreation Facility Management 12 (RecMan) involves learning the skills required to host visiting school groups at The Boulders Climbing Gym. Students will be required to learn how to work with students from K to 12, helping them to safely and securely scale the walls. Responsibilities will include helping students with their safety equipment, managing climbing ropes, and knots, taking on the responsibility of belaying a climber who may be up to 15m off the ground; speaking in front of groups of up to 30 students, teachers, and parents; preparing and printing invoices; and helping with the upkeep of the cleanliness of the facility. Students will be expected to search out opportunities to support visiting students, learning to make connections quickly. It is important to note that this course runs through part of lunch and all of block 3. In return for an early start to class on Monday through Thursday, students will get most (not all) Fridays off. Student attendance is a critical part of this being a great opportunity for visiting schools. Attendance will play a significant part in a student’s grade, as will their ability to perform all duties related to safety to a very high standard. Students will also be assessed on how they demonstrate their commitment to connecting with and supporting our guests.