Dual Credit Courses

The courses listed below are offered as dual credit courses through the South Island Partnership Program. Students are eligible to receive Camosun College credit and high school credit. Each Camosun course is combined with a high school course. All Camosun courses listed below are transferable to other post secondary institutions. See a Stelly's counsellor if you have any questions about dual credit courses.

Art 121 (Combined with Art Foundations 12)

This course is an introduction to drawing: exploring objective, subjective, and conceptual approaches using a variety of materials and tools such as graphite, ink, charcoal, chalk, and digital technologies. Students will learn about the elements of art and how these are used in formal and informal structures such as observational drawing, perspective rendering, and visualizing conceptual ideas.

See also Art Foundations 12

Criminology 154 (Combined with Law 12)

This course examines the Canadian criminal justice system, its components, process, objectives, and functionaries. It includes an analysis of discretion, diversion, decision-making processes and the operational practices of the system.

Pre-requisite/co-requisite of Eng 12

See also Law 12

Psychology 154 (Combined with Psychology 12)

This course uses an experiential approach to develop self-awareness and increased understanding of others. Both communication theory and practical skills will be covered while working towards the goal of achieving successful and creative Interpersonal relationships.

Pre-requisite/co-requisite of Eng 12

See also Psychology 12

Tool Time 12 - Camosun Trades Sampler

Do you suffer from Ergalilektriphobia, or how about Aichmophobia? Not to worry! Take solace in knowing, you are probably among the majority of people, especially youth. So what are these phobias, anyway? Ergalilektriphobia is the fear of operating power tools, and Aichmophobia is the fear of sharp things. Walk into any shop class or art class, or try to do the most minor home repair; even change a flat on your bicycle, and chances are you will have to use some tools that fall into one of these categories. How do you gain the confidence and expertise to utilize and operate these tools to repair, build, assemble, or construct anything from the simple to the complex?? Tool Time!! Tool Time is an innovative new pairing of courses that allows the curious and inventive person to marry online theoretical learning about tool use with hands on tactile projects in a safe shop environment that provides students with competence and confidence related to the operation of a plethora of various hand and power tools. If you are “tool timid” or “tool curious” then this is the course for you! If you already fashion yourself as somewhat of an accomplished tool expert, then this course will provide amazing opportunities to expand your knowledge and proficiency.

Students who successfully complete this course will not only have a wealth of new skills and knowledge, but they will earn 4 credits for a dual credit college level course for the online learning component as well as a 4-credit Tech Ed course. The dual credit college course also serves as a prerequisite to Camsoun College’s new Marine Industry TASK program (running this summer) as well as meeting the common core tool competencies for Camsoun College’s Plumbing and Pipe Trades Foundation program and the Electrical Foundation program.

This course satisfies the grade 10-12 arts education/applied design, skills and technology graduation requirement.

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