Career Life Education

Formerly Planning 10, Career Life Education is a Ministry required course as part of the BC Graduation Program. Career Life Education is a course that recognizes three major phases of career development - Foundation and Awareness, Exploration, and Experience and Application. This course helps students discover the bridge between classroom learning and post-graduation life, and is intended to make their learning meaningful and relevant to their next steps after school.

French Immersions students take Éducation au choix de carrière et de vie in Grade 10 instead. See French Immersion for more information.

myBlueprint is an online resource used in Career Life Education for students and parents/guardians throughout the province to help navigate the curricular and post-secondary needs. This includes creating a curriculum-vitae, cover letter, self assessments, and researching post-secondary options. All students and parents/guardians are invited to create their own myBlueprint account.