Division 7-4 and 8-6


Ms. Campbell's Class

This website covers both my grade 7/8 classes. Assignments specific to 8s are in blue, 7s in green, and shared assignments are light grey.


  • Research note: the online username for many of our LC resources, such as World Book, is "63roy." The password is "library."
  • Check out this video explaining the concept of RESILIENCE
  • Grade 8 Year End calendar
  • Grade 7 year end
  • 2 permission forms coming home: swimming ($2.75) June 26, early dismissal (10:30) on June 27
  • Please return all forms (movie ($17) swim, and early dismissal)
  • Please bring a smooth rock for painting by June 14.
  • Grade 7 June 26 Potluck sign up Lunch after swimming !
  • Link to self-assessment (in class): Open, copy and complete
Setting the stage for a successful year

Div 7-4 and 8-6 expectations!

Copy of 2018/19 Grade 8 IN

Grade 8 IN Don't fall behind!

"Study Week" June 10-14

Study Guide

2018/19 Ancient Civilizations

Grade 7 IN Don't fall behind!

Choose your own adventure topics: p. 46-57 For June 21

Religion Language including Writing Laws and Government

Food Trade Military

Technology and Inventions Architecture Roles of Men and Women

Education Art Science and Medicine Daily Life

Mr Roughton assignments

Interactive Notebook

Left page Assignment suggestions-

Mr. Roughton's website

if you click on the underlined assignment it will link you to the instructions:)

Four C rubric writing

Grade 7 and grade 8

Two rubrics you may want to be more familiar with:

  • 4 C writing (for weekly writing)
  • Notes: What is important and why (for IN activities )
Notes: What is important and why
Cornell style notes

This style of note taking is great for making sure you understand the information!

Check the link for helpful hints on how to set up.


New LA assignment - Short Stories

Due May 24

Grade 7: Please make sure your stories are complete by June 17. No exceptions!