Division 6-3

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Trivia Question: What is the name of the Canadian Astronaut on his way to the ISS?

Language Arts -

Harry Potter - Reading Parts Chapter 1-4

Harry Potter Chapters 1-4 Questions

Quiz on Chapters 1-4 on September 21

Harry Potter - Reading Parts Chapters 5-8

Harry Potter Chapters 5 and 6 questions

Harry Potter Chapters 7 and 8 Questions

Harry Potter Chapters 9 and 10 Questions

Harry Potter Chapters 11,12,13 questions

Remembrance Day Assignment #1 due November 13

Harry Potter Chapter 14 questions due November 19

Harry Potter Chapter 15 questions due November 22

Harry Potter Chapter 16 and 17 questions due December 3


Math -

Place Value #2 due on Monday, September 17

Millions due on Tuesday, September 18

Comparing Numbers due on Thursday, September 20

Rounding to tens due at 11 am on September 21

Rounding to Hundreds due on September 25

Tenths marked on October 2


Thousandths and Ten Thousandths due October 5

Decimals Greater Than One due October 9

Two Place Addition

Adding Larger Numbers due Tuesday, October 16

Addition with Money due Thursday, October 18

Addition with Decimals due October 22

Two and Three Place Subtraction due Thursday October 25

Subtraction Greater Numbers, Subtraction with Decimals and cheesy Riddle sheet riddle sheet due on Friday. Decimals due on Thursday -November 1.

Subtraction Review Sheets due end of class Tuesday, November 6

One Digit Multipliers due end of class on Tuesday, November 13

Two Digit Multipliers due Friday at end of class

Multiplying Money

One Stage Division

Three Stage Division due at end of class on December 11


Title page for Space due on Tuesday, September 11 (minimum of 3 colours and 3 visuals)

include: Name, Date, and Division

The Solar System Booklet #1 due Thursday September 13

The Solar System Booklet #2 due end of class on Tuesday, September 18

how the universe works - galaxies

How the Universe works - Extreme Stars

How the Universe Works - Black Holes

Galaxies Booklet due October 5

Read textbook pages 219-225. Answer question 2 on page 219 and questions 1,2 and 4 on page 225.

Term 1 Space Project due November 19

States of Matter booklet due Tuesday, December 11

Division 6-1

Science -

Atoms Video

Atoms Booklet

States of Matter booklet due Monday, December 10

Division 8-4

Math -

Multiplying Fractions

Converting and Simplifying Fractions

Science -

Atoms Video

Atoms Booklet

States of Matter Booklet due Friday, December 7

Gases Google Slides

Gases Note Taking Sheet

Gases Worksheet

Peeps Video

Matter Chatter Video