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Passion Project Hypothesis Document

April 1 - 5

Top 10 most frequently asked questions group work (HERE)

Homework: Bring a list of 10 topics to create your own Top 10 list.

Friday March 15

Students completed a Self Portrait Collaged Doll - this required to have 5 different elements minimum to represent who they are.

Due: Friday March 15

Thursday March 14

Paragraph explaining how European contact with Pre-Columbian American cities is due Monday April 1st

Please see the Question to answer here. A graphic organizer with a couple of writing prompts is located here.


***American Cities Google Slide is Overdue***

***Division 8-5: 10 Students have not shared their Google Slide with

***Division 8-7: 9 Students have not shared their Google Slide with me.

March 4-8 Here is what happened:

  • Assignment: Assessment sheets for oral presentation were given back, your job was to write reflections on the back of both sheets and hand them in. (Research Assessment and Oral presentation)
  • We watched 'The Nature of Things: 'Inventors' episode and completed a sheet CLICK
  • Watched the DVD: "The Force of Nature", took point form notes then completed the assignment. (8-5 - finished due date for assignment Mon. March 11.

*8-7 - will complete the DVD and finish the assignment due: March 12

Assignment: CLICK HERE

February 25 - March 1st

Oral Presentations are finally happening!!

Wednesday is PINK shirt day.

Claremont has extended the due date for forms to Wed. March 7

Thursday, Feb 21st

***MAP Assignment is due next Thursday, February 28th*** (Please see the link under the Thursday, Feb 14th Post for the list of American Cities to put on your map).

The example of Timbuktu and the Instructions for the American Cities Research Assignment are HERE and HERE


Wowza what a week and now more changes! I know more changes!!

Please read the schedule for next week as there are changes made due to Wednesdays presentation by Shauna Janz and those attending the Grade 8 Ski Trip.

1. Next Week's Schedule CLICK HERE

2. Oral Presentation Schedule has changed again! ( Monday, Feb. 25- Fri. March 1) CLICK HERE

HOWEVER: If you would like to present this Tuesday, please let me know and you are welcome to present!

KAI says: "Stay on top of things by checking this page on a regular basis. Practice your presentation this weekend so you are ready to do your best and be super nice to his Gdogma (dog grandma!), oh yes don't eat yellow snow! Bow wow!"

Hello All! Well Mother Nature keeps dumping the white fluffy stuff on us and has forced us to be flexible with our schedule!

  • Here is the tentative REVISED schedule for next week: CLICK HERE
  • NOTE: There are no presentations Wednesday as we will be having a presentation from Shauna Janz - Good Grief Workshop.
  • Enjoy your long weekend, practice, be prepared and get outside in the snow!

Thursday, Feb 14th

Here are the instructions for the MAP and the list of cities to locate. Remember to bring your map to class on Thursday, February 21.

Happy Snow Day from Kai!

Tuesday, Feb. 12th.

Well I hope you all have been spending some time outside playing in the white fluffy stuff! Thank you Mother Nature!

*Oral Presentations* will continue whenever school is back in session so be prepared!! We will start with the Monday people and carry on from there!

Friday, Feb. 8


Oral Presentations are next week! BE PREPARED CLICK HERE

  • INTERIM REPORTS - went home today, have your parents sign and return the BOTTOM portion

Week of February 4-8

1. Final Preparations for Oral Presentations: ASSIGNMENT CLICK HERE

2. Read over the Checklist for my Oral Presentation: CLICK HERE

3. Have my note cards checked by Ms. Cardinal by Friday (Follow the guidelines)

4. Be prepared to present on the date given to you (CLICK HERE)

5. Complete student interim report Assignment on Wednesday (CLICK HERE)

6. 10 Tips for presenting: (CLICK HERE)

Friday, Feb. 1


Wednesday, 30, 2019

1. These are the assignments I have not handed in: (List in Point Form)

(I wonder where you could find the list of assignments to figure this out?)

Friday, January 25


1. List the note card criteria from watching the slide show

2. List the most important things you will be discussing in your presentation (put them in logical order)

3. Using your list create your OUTLINE Format: CLICK HERE

1. Note cards: Look through this slide show: CLICK

  • After you have watched the slide show list the criteria (in point form) for note cards

2. Using YOUR notes: LIST using ONLY 1 or 2 words the most important things you will be talking about

Check the to do list for this week, fill in your planning page - what will you accomplish?

Friday, Jan. 18th - Reminders- Monday be ready to hand in for marking:

  • 20 most important words sheet
  • Cornell Notes
  • Bibliography Sheet

LATE work will not be accepted.

*When in doubt check the instructions on the sheet handed out, if you lost yours then print one off.

Be self sufficient - BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

Week of Jan. 14-18 - LIBRARY RESEARCH WEEK - 4 library blocks

Monday: Ms. Lindsay went over the Resources to use in the Learning Commons: CLICK

**REMINDER: Think about how you are going to plan out your time so you will successfully complete all parts of the assignment and be ready to present. CHECK your assignment sheets very carefully.

Language Arts/Social Studies - Oral Presentation Assignment

You choose your topic, filled in the sheets and showed Ms. Cardinal who approved your topic. (Email me if you were absent)

**NOTE: The TIMELINE (Due Dates) are in this document.

Reminder of Social Studies Worksheets Assignment Due Monday

Thursday, Jan. 10

Starting Current Events: From January 17 - March 14th two-three students every Thursday will be presenting on a current event of their choice. They have all picked a Thursday to present and will be reminded of their Presentation Date a week in advance.

Current Events Handout

An example has been provided using the following article.

Current Events Handout (Example)

Current Events Google Slide (Example)

Social Studies Worksheets: Two textbook worksheets have been assigned that are due on Monday, Jan 14th.

Tuesday, Jan. 8

GRADE 8 Transition - Parents please sign the field trip form to go to Claremont for transition activities

Sleep - handout and reflection on the presentation - completed in class and handed in.

Monday, Jan. 7th

Welcome back! Please ensure you are ready to learn - supplies are up to date.

Term Two Letter To Myself - What mindset do you want to have for the term. What are your intentions? Routines? How? Why? (8-7 completed in class, 8-5 due Tuesday, Jan. 8th)

ORAL PRESENTATION: We will be starting to get organized for Oral Presentations this week. (5-6 week)

Wishing you all a wonderful Holiday! I hope you all enjoy your time with family and friends creating wonderful memories! All the best, see you in 2019!

Friday, December 14:

  • Weekend Homework: Organize Binder, Replenish Supplies, Bring Headphones
  • THINK about your goals this weekend and choose one to work on! Be Ready To Learn - the break is almost here!!
  • Handed in Goal Setting Assignments Today
  • Term Two Assignment Tracker is posted now

Monday December 17th:

  • 8-7: Monday, 2 Journal Assignments completed and pasted into your Journal
  • 8-5: Monday, 1 Journal Assignment - Your Top 10 Self Care List (explain each)

REMINDER: Term Two Goal Setting Assignment is due FRIDAY, DECEMBER 14

Self Revision Assignment sheet from Wednesdays class. (CLICK)

On the back of the sheets you were to answer these 2 questions:

1. Thoughts and Feelings about your piece of writing. (3-6 sentences)

  • What did you notice? revisions needed? provide thoughts and feeling in full sentences.

2. Criteria for assessment:

  • Page Perfect, Written as Smart Goals, Instructions Followed.
  • Provide 3 more pieces of criteria for marking the assignment

Week of Dec. 10-14

  • Term Two Goal Setting Assignment (LINK)
  • Hand in Report Card Envelope ONLY with Parent Signature

Friday December 7th


  • REPORT CARD goes home! Discuss with parents/guardian, bring back the signed ENVELOPE ONLY!
  • Complete the Report Card Reflection Assignment (in point form) CLICK
  • Pricilla and The Wimps Assignment Due
  • Monday write the multiple choice Quiz

Week of Dec 3 - Dec 7

Collage cover for Journal 8-5 (Due Wednesday at the beginning of class)

8-7 had Board Game Day with Chips and Salsa

8-5 & 8-7

Priscilla and the Wimps - Short Story Reading Comprehension Assignment (Due Monday)

Priscilla and the Wimps - Quiz (Monday)

Priscilla and the Wimps

REMINDER: Middle Ages Brochures are Due Tomorrow, Friday November 30th, with your 2 week planning pages and your assignment checklist completed.

Week of Nov. 26-30

You will continue to have time to work on your Middle Ages Brochure. You should have your cover and 2 of your chosen topics/tasks completed at this point. We will have the chrome books on Wednesday for any final research you need to do to help finish of your brochure. Remember to fill in your Goal Setting Sheet each day and have your Brochure Assignment Handout signed.


Middle Ages Quiz (On Thursday Nov. 29)

Middle Ages Brochure (Due Friday Nov. 30)

Week of Nov. 19-22

New Assignment: Middle Ages Brochure - you will be using your Cornell Notes to create a finished product. Read and highlight as discussed in class. Look carefully at what is being asked of you, check the criteria, fill in the goal setting sheet each day and use the check off sheet to ensure you have completed all the tasks for this assignment.

Assignment Sheets:

Week of Nov. 13-16

Reading is Thinking - We Predict, Connect, Question, Summarize, Visualize, Infer.

Sheet: We used our Reading Checklist from last week as we read pages 21-36 in Pathways of Civilization.


1. We created a T-Chart - Left side: Headings and sub-headings of the readings. Right side: Thoughts or questions we had while reading, things we didn't understand as we read.

2. We created 5 Multiple Choice Questions from our readings.

***Both Assignments due: 8-7 Nov. 14, 8-5 Nov. 16.

*Cornell Notes Assignment (Due: Nov. 19)

Week of Nov. 5-9

Reading in Content - Teaching the Strategies to use when reading in Content (Sheets: Reading Checklist, Summariazing)

Assignments: Read from page 21 - The Vikings, List the headings and Sub-headings on a chart. Due: Nov. 13)

  • Reading Skills Practice Sheet (Due: Tuesday Nov. 6th)
  • Remembrance Day Assignment (Due: In class or if extra time needed: Tuesday, November 13th) Link

Reminder: Thursday, November 1st these assignments will be marked: (Due date was Tuesday)

  • Textbook Scavenger Hunt
  • Middle Ages Pre-Unit Assignment
  • October Tradition of Halloween

Social Studies:

  • SS - Lesson 2 - Guided Questions: MA- Early Middle Ages Assignment (Due: Tues. Nov. 6)

**NOTE: All overdue work that was listed on your interim is due by Wednesday, November 7th

(Communicate with Ms. Cardinal if you have a question or concern about meeting the extended due date)

Week of Oct. 29 - Nov. 2

School Supplies that must be brought to class: Headphones, Scissors, Glue Stick, Refill your binder with paper and pens/pencils and bring your SS Textbook please. Too much "borrowing" is going on. Take RESPONSIBILITY to be prepared to learn.

Overdue work from last week: Paragraph and questions from the videos viewed, File Folder Assignment, Journal Assignment.

We started our Social Studies - The Middle Ages in Europe


Textbook Scavenger Hunt Assignment Due: Tuesday

Middle Ages Pre-Unit Assignment Due: Tuesday

October Tradition of Halloween (Report on the 5 w's and h) Due: Wednesday

Reading Skills Practice Sheet Due: TBA

*Please note: All assignments have been given ample amount of class time to complete in class time.

Week of Oct. 22-26

Presentations are complete!! Well done all of you!! Such a vast array of great presentations. Lots of wonderful compliments to your peers you were respectful and kind with your words.

File Folder Project: All About Me is due this Friday!

Journal work continues this week

Week of Oct. 15-18

Check-In: Where I Am At - 4 questions complete and hand in (Wednesday)

Link: Here

Check the M.I.A. board to see if you have missing work - communicate with me if you were absent or confused.

Persuasive Assignment: Persuading Ms. C to allow you to play board games and have a snack.

(Planning page complete, draft of ideas, group ideas and planning done, project ready to present/hand in for Monday, October 22)

Thursday - go over assessment sheet for Persuasive Assignment, fill in the back and provide a reflection)

Week of Oct. 9-12

1. Recount Writing: "Scrat Gone Nutty" (short video)

  • Complete Recount and hand in on Friday, October 12
  • (Hand in: planning page, draft and good copy, typed 12 point- page perfect)

2. File Folder Project - we will start and work next week to finish

Week of Oct. 1-5

Journal Assignment: "Where I'm At" and Response - Handed in on Tuesday Oct. 2

Recount Writing - Features of recount writing. Review and respond to video clip.

Friday, October 5

8-7: Handed in: Recount Story Planner for the short movie "Mike's New Car" and a Draft of your own topic in paragraph format.

Next week: Recount of video - Produce a good piece of Recount Writing following the writing process (brainstorm ideas, put ideas onto planning page, check over, write a draft, check over with checklist, peer edit, polish and publish.)

Recount planning page: Recount Planning Page

8-5: Handed in: Recount Story Planner for the short movie "Mike's New Car" and a Draft of your own topic in paragraph format.

Watched a video - Took notes, watched video again, wrote on planning page, started draft onto draft page.

Finish Draft page and bring on Monday to work on.

Week of Sept. 24 - 28

Comparing the Iron Man Book by Ted Hughes with the Animated Movie The Iron Giant (1999)

In your opinion did you enjoy the book or movie?

We will compare and contrast the two to gather information to write an well structured opinion piece.

September 28, 2018

Homework Due Monday: Good copy, Typed Opinion Piece (Which did you enjoy the book or movie?)

*Two blocks were given on Thursday and one on Friday to use Chromebooks.

Friday, September 21

We have finished reading the Iron Man by Ted Hughes (Read online)

Assignments: 1. "Thinking Page" (online copy) 2. Iron Man Reading assignment sheet - *Due Today

*(8-7: Finish the Iron Man Reading assignment for Monday)

Week of September 17-21st

Re-clarifying Expectations - similarities and differences between teachers

Listening and Responding to Short Story - Filling in Thinking Page

(What do good readers do? What strategies do I use when I am reading? Which ones would I like to strengthen?)

September 14th, 2018

Assignments due Monday, Sept. 17th:

1. Journal: 10 Things I wish/hope for this school year.

2. "Getting to Know You Sheet" - both sides have been completed. (If you were away they are in the hanging file at the back of the classroom)

September 11th, 2018

Div. 8-5 - Found poem completed and pasted into your Journal and handed in.

Reminders: Bring in your forms, Journal if you don't have one yet.

Div. 8-7 - Found poem completed and pasted into your Journal and handed in.

Brainstorm Activity: "10 things I hope/wish for this year" Bring your list completed and circled with you.

Sept 10th, 2018

Welcome to the 2018/19 School Year

*Parents please Click on the Class Email List button below and fill in the information to become part of the class email list. Thank you!


Feb. 19-22

  • School Survey completed (Tuesday, Feb. 19)
  • You checked to see when you present; you have read the previous updates.
  • You have remembered to share your visual aids with Ms. Cardinal
  • You have your final Oral Presentation Checklist: CLICK HERE

(Due on the date you present, fill it in, use page perfect)

  • You have read and understand how your presentation will be assessed: CLICK HERE