Lochside School Goals

Term 3: 2021

Writers' Corner:

Poetry from Division 19

Poetry can be a vehicle that allows us to convey emotions. Division 19 has been writing various forms of poetry; some of their creative work can be viewed below. Click here to view a selection of creative, descriptive poetry written by the Grade 4/5's in Divison 19.

Outdoor Learning Adventures:

Slugs and Bugs

"Students will develop place-based knowledge about the area in which they live...this provides a basis for an intuitive relationship with and respect for the natural world; connections to their ecosystem and community; and a sense of relatedness that encourages lifelong harmony with nature" (BC Curriculum, 2016).

This harmony is viewed when students are Beyond the Fence, in the courtyard or in the bushes alongside the school. The natural environment offers such a unique connection to place, that fosters a sense of wellbeing. The students have been observed taking care of this place. They've helped out with bringing bark mulch in buckets, cut back blackberry bramble, watered trees and replaced natural items back to their found spots.

Beyond the Fence has also been a place for students to physically interact with living creatures, such as: slugs, ladybugs, and ants. Scientifiic discoveries and entomology terms can be introduced alongside these natural finds. Beyond the Fence you can hear words such as: habitat, antennae, exoskeleten, and abdomen from Kindergarten students in Divison 3. This student-led activity of creating insect habitats allowed for a close observation using a digital microscope. Daily outdoor time in Division 3 has allowed students to develop a strong sense of place at Lochside.

Term 2: 2021

Writers' Corner:

Story Workshop

in Division 5

Loose parts, open minds and an intent to create story through play is the essence of Story Workshop. Story Workshop begins with a shared story; modelling the elements of story in an invitation to join in. The materials are spread out and students begin building their story with a playfulness and intent. Cheerful voices of focused storytellers are heard throughout the room. Students illustrate, narrate and record their stories they have brought to life. Imagination, autonomy and play are interwoven in the act of story creation during Story Workshop. Click here to watch a short video of a glimpse into the joy of Story Workshop.

Outdoor Learning Adventures:

Tessellations in Nature

Look closely at a honeycomb, a sunflower or a pineapple, these are all examples of naturally occurring tessellations, a flat surface covered by a pattern of 2d shapes. Grade 4/5 students carefully observed nature to find tessellations that can be found in Lochside's beautiful, surrounding outdoor environment. Students photographed tessellations and experimented with creating flips, slides and rotations with objects in nature. Click here to view a video highlighting photos taken by students on their numeracy adventure.

Term 1 2020/2021

Writers' Corner (Term 1)

Division 16 brainstormed, wrote and revised their writing to created descriptive paragraphs on the topic of their "Dream Cabin." Click here to see students samples that show our school writing goals in action.

Outdoor Learning- January (1).pdf

Outdoor Learning Adventures (Term 1)

Beyond the Fence is a place where many classes spend time connecting with nature and using scientific skills to observe, record and reflect on their findings. Kindergarten students used pine branches, found items, and colourful berries to created handmade ornaments to show appreciation for our outdoor space. This space affords opportunities to appreciate nature as well as interact with it.