Mr. Hilleren's (M8) Classroom website

Teacher: Mr. Hilleren


Subjects: All core subjects and PE for M8 and PE for Ms. Fuller's 6-3 class

Welcome to Mr. Hileren's home page. Here you will find information that will keep you informed and connected as to what is happening in our classroom and what the homework is. If you ever have any questions or concerns, or want to book and appointment to discus you child's progress, please feel free to e-mail me at any time.

Lastly, please remember to send your child with a healthy snack and water bottle... it's a long time before the students eat lunch.

Have an awesome day!

What can parents/ guardians do to help their child succeed in Mr. Hilleren's class?

  • help keep their binder organised (proper sections clearly marked, work clicked in, and proper supplies)
  • send a water bottle and a good lunch with them to school (if a student or family needs assistance with lunch, please e-mail me directly and I can help get them on the hot lunch or breakfast program).
  • encourage them to talk to me directly if there is a problem with anything, if they have any questions about their grade, or they are behind in their work.... self-advocacy is always a good tool for them to learn.
  • help proofread, edit, and tidy up assignments.

Important Information:

Secret Santa: please ensure that your child brings their Secret Santa gift by Friday, December 21. Gift exchange and movie Friday afternoon.

Field trip: Wednesday, December 19 - student's must be up to date with all work to be able to attend.

Thursday Morning, December 20: Holiday crepe day! Mr. Hilleren will cook crepes for class block 2. Students will work on a challenge booklet.

  • Pizza day - Fridays $2.50 a slice (begins Sept. 14)