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Math Support!

one-on-one support - monday to thursday - over lunch

What We Offer

Need assistance with your math or know of someone that can benefit with some math help? We are here for you!

Mount Douglas Secondary has many forms of math related assistance for students, to ensure we all become strong mathletes. Learn more about some of the assistance and resources we offer below.

We can only help, if you take the first step.

So PLEASE come and see us!

All math courses are covered; all math abilities are welcomed. The sooner we can be of assistance, the easier you will stay on top of your math. Regardless of your background, we all have found math tough at some point or another. Math can be very challenging and we want to help you.

1. Math Support With a math Teacher!

In a welcoming, quiet and positive environment, a Math Teacher will provide one-on-one math support.

Where: Room 225 (2nd floor, south end of school)

When: Mondays & Wednesdays at Lunch! Bring your lunch!

2. Math Support With a Peer Tutor!

In this a friendly, supportive, positive environment, a Peer Tutor will provide one-on-one math support.

Where: Room 201 (2nd floor, centre of school)

When: Tuesdays & Thursdays at Lunch! Bring your lunch!

7 Secret Math Tips!

Here are some time tested tips to help (break it down) with math:

    1. Never forget to recognize when you put in good energy, as attitude is everything - you don't "have" to... you "get" to learn it!
    2. "Ya gotta do it to know it" (you really do have to do homework to learn the material). This is one of the best ways to learn.
    3. First review your notes, before starting your homework to first get back up to speed.
    4. Use examples from your class notes or text to help guide you.
    5. Re-read the question and check your work.
    6. Seek help to ask questions in class or with us.
    7. Show your steps
      • write big enough,
      • write your steps below and not across (it's easier to follow your work),
      • use enough space (do not cram your work), and
      • draw diagrams to help ensure understanding.