Golden Pride Award

Golden Pride Award Winners

A hearty congratulation to our Golden Pride Award recipients who have been recognized by the American Falls School Board for "above and beyond" services to our district. They represent the professional and support staff that equal excellence for our students.

The Intermediate School staff was highlighted during the March board meeting on March 27, 2017. Nominated were Marla Egbert, fifth grade teacher and Stacy Bolgen, computer lab teacher. The Golden Pride Award is given monthly to school district employees who exemplify “above and beyond” effort in their assignment of service for students in the American Falls School District

Marla Egbert has taught in the American Falls School District for 45 years! She was nominated for the Golden Pride Award by her fellow teachers, they wrote: Marla is a very positive and supportive colleague. She is also very dedicated to her job. There isn't a weekend that goes by that you don't see Marla putting in extra hours! She is also very supportive to her students, and is there for them in any way possible. We respect the fact the Marla is always trying to instill responsibility and honesty in her students. Marla has been eager to embrace new technologies even though they don’t always embrace her. Marla's true calling was to be a teacher, and you can see it in all of the lives that she has touched in her many years of teaching.

Stacy Bolgen has been at the American Falls Intermediate School for one year. She was nominated for the Golden Pride Award by the Intermediate School staff, they wrote: Stacy Bolgen is the computer teacher for the 4th and 5th graders at the Intermediate School. Besides keyboarding, she has incorporated Math, English, History, and Science Google searches into her program.

Mrs. Bolgen helps at noon with students who are struggling with math assignments or other work. On Wednesdays from 12:15-1:00 she will also work with students who are behind or who need special help.

A school newsletter was created by 5th grade students under Mrs. Bolgen’s supervision. This was done totally during the noon hour. In addition, for our Trimester 2 AR party Mrs. Bolgen volunteered to change her hours so she was able to run one of our Super Hero Stations.

We appreciate her willingness to take on extra responsibilities and do so cheerfully. She is a team player and the students and teachers are grateful for her.