Bond Election 2017

March 14, 2017

New School Building

Facts and Plans for the New Elementary School Building

1. Provides for the safety of the students by constructing the building away from the administrative office and Fort Hall Avenue.

2. Doors can be locked and secured since students will not have to leave the building to go to the gym, cafeteria or band room and other classes.

3. Provides for security of the students with all outside visitors entering the building through a secure main entry and screened.

4. Reduces the bond amount from the May election from $12.5 million to $8.95 million.

5. The proposed new School bond amount will reduce the current high school bond payment by 50%. The current high school bond payment will be paid off in 2018.

6. Provides five classrooms for third, fourth and fifth grade. There will be boys and girls restrooms for each grade and computer labs that can be utilized as extra classrooms for large classes in cases of need. Also included will be special education classrooms in addition to LEP and GT/counselor classrooms.

7. Provides for a centrally located media center and an office area located at the main entry for security.

8. The new building will be totally handicapped accessible.

9. The new building will be easily expanded in case of future growth.

10. There will be a student drop off area for parents that will double for parking during football games or other events.

11. The current 5th grade building will be used for 5th grade during construction and will be removed following construction of the new building.

12. The current 4th grade building will continue to be used for 4th grade until the students are moved into the new elementary school building.

13. Third grade students will remain at Hillcrest with continued use of the modular building until they move into the new elementary school building.

No students will be relocated during construction

Community Meetings

February 28th - Pocatello Municipal Airport (east Power County) - 7:00 to 8:00 pm

March 6th - Hillcrest Elementary - 7:00 to 8:00 pm

March 13th - AFIS Music Room - 7:00 to 8:00 pm


February 10– March 14th Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Clerk’s Office

Power County Courthouse

American Falls, ID 83211

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Where to Vote:

· Precinct #1—Power County EMS Building

560 N. Oregon Trail, American Falls

· Precinct #2American Falls Public Library

308 Roosevelt, American Falls

· Precinct #3Power County Courthouse Annex

500 Pocatello Ave., American Falls

· Precinct #6Pocatello Municipal Airport

· Precinct #7Power County Courthouse (Absentee)

543 Bannock Ave., American Falls

Cassia County 1459 Overland, Burley ID 83318

(Mail in only)

Photo ID is REQUIRED to Vote (i.e. Driver’s License)

Who Can Vote:

· 18 years of age

· U.S. Citizen

· Resident of School District #381 for at least 30 days

· Qualified voters can register at the polls with proof of citizenship and residency (utility bill, drivers license.)

· For more information, call 226-5173

To Our Patrons,

The American Falls School Board greatly appreciates your support during last May’s election where 63% voted to provide a new elementary school building for our third, fourth, and fifth graders. The Board is pleased to present a scaled-back version that will meet the student needs for many years to come.

The two major goals for the request are:

1. To make a positive learning environment for our third, fourth, and fifth grade students.

2. To allow additional space for Hillcrest Elementary by relocating third grade.

Key points to consider

1. Reduces the total amount of the bond from $12.5 million to $8.9 million that includes a scaled-back version of the previous plan, but still provides the necessary space to meet the needs of the students. This is a 50% decrease over the current bond.

2. Provides for five classrooms for third, fourth, and fifth grades. A computer lab is provided that can be used as a classroom in times of large classes where six classrooms are needed.

3. Each class will have outside windows.

4. The grades will be separated into “areas” to keep students in their part of the building.

5. Parent drop-off and pick up and parent areas to provide for maximum traffic flow, safety and security has been planned.

Please read the facts and plans in this pamphlet. If you have questions, please call 226-5173 for more information.

Tax Impact—50% Decrease from Current Bond

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