Instructional Games

10 Chess Traps Every Player Should Know

The Scholar's Mate

The Fool's Mate

A Cornucopia of Ideas

Zagoryansky vs Romanovsky (Moscow 1943)

A Brilliant Use of Knights

Potemkin vs Alkhine (St. Petersburg 1912)

A Pawn is a Pawn is a Pawn

Kashdan vs Steiner (Pasadena 1932)

A Touch of Jujitsu

Petrosian vs Korchoni (St. Petersburg 1946)

Aggressive Rook Ending

Tarrasch vs Thorold (Manchester 1956)

Attack of the Pawns

Michelet vs Kieseritzky (Paris 1845)

Bishop and a Half

Bondarevsky vs Smyslov (Moscow 1946)

Bishop and Pawn Ending

Weiss vs Blackburne (New York 1890)

Board with Excitement

Keres vs Tarnowiski (Helsinki 1952)

Bolt from the Blue

Andric vs Daja (Belgrad 1961)

Boxed In Queen

Michelet vs Kieseritzky (Paris 1845)

Brilliant Career of a Pawn

Panov vs Taimanov (Moscow 1952)

Command of the Board

Rubenstein vs Schlechter (San Sebastian 1912)

Coup De GrĂ¡ce

Alkine vs Yates (London 1922)

Dispatching the King's Musketeers

Petrosian vs Smyslov (Moscow 1961)

Excellent Simplification

Botvinnik vs Boleslavsky (Moscow 1952)

Endgame Arithmetic

Mieses vs Reshevsky (Margate 1935)

Endgame Knight vs Rook

Botvinnik vs Vidmar (USSR 1946)

Escorting the Future Queen

Schlechter vs Mason (Monte Carlo 1903)

Every Move a Threat

Porges vs Lasker (Nuremburg 1896)

Four Endings In One

Blackburne vs Weiss (New York 1889)