Counselor's Corner


I’m Miss Paige, the school counselor here at Chubbuck Elementary. I’m so excited to be working here with your learners! As the school counselor I get to work with students in many different ways. Sometimes I will see students individually to talk about personal problems. Sometimes I will see students in a group. A lot of the time I get to teach counseling lessons right in their classroom!

Counseling Lessons

Each week in grades 1st-5th I teach a lesson on a variety of different topics. In February we will learn about the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Thoughts: the words in your head. The things you tell yourself about what’s going on around you.

Feelings: your emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, loneliness, excitement… there are so many emotions you can experience during the day.

Behaviors: what you do. The way you choose to act.

Sometimes our brains make thinking errors, which lead us to making maladaptive decisions. When we’re aware of how thoughts, feels, and behaviors are connected, we are better able to understand our situations and our reactions to them.

Small Groups

Throughout the year I will be running small groups for students focusing on healthy friendships, social skills, and other areas of need. Small groups provide not only the opportunity for additional learning experiences but also a time of sharing and a time of growing together with fellow students.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is available for students on an as-needed, short-term basis to facilitate student success in academics, emotions, and social skills. Parents, teachers and staff may refer students for counseling OR a student may request counseling themselves.

City of Pocatello Lead Safe and Healthy homes

This program has funds to help families with children who have lead paint in their homes. If someone is approved for the program, they will come in, remove the lead paint, and re-paint the home. If the situation is bad enough, there is funding available to put families into a hotel until the work is completed. Applications can be found online at


We are introducing See-Tell-Now into our school culture, so there is a school-wide understanding of when to report a problem. We want students to be empowered to solve problems themselves- if a problem is not a See-Tell-Now, we encourage students to be problem solvers and take steps to resolve the problem themselves.

The basic gist: See-Tell-Now is to be used when there is danger or someone could get hurt. Examples of a SEE-TELL-NOW include: someone bringing a weapon to school, a strange adult on the playground, seeing smoke/fire, someone is sick/hurt, someone is physically fighting, witnessing sexual harassment/bullying, etc…).

  • SEE — When you are in and around our school simply be aware of your surroundings. You may notice something that doesn’t seem right, looks odd or is simply out of the ordinary.
  • TELL — Tell someone (a trusted adult)
  • NOW — Do it NOW. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. If something looks out of place to you, it likely is.