Counselor's Corner


I’m Miss Paige, the school counselor here at Chubbuck Elementary. I’m so excited to be working here with your learners! As the school counselor I get to work with students in many different ways. Sometimes I will see students individually to talk about personal problems. Sometimes I will see students in a group. A lot of the time I get to teach counseling lessons right in their classroom!

If you need to contact me, my email is

Counseling Lessons

Counseling lessons for each week can now be found under the "lessons" tab at the top of the screen. We will continue learning about anxiety and tools we have to make ourselves feel better.

SD25 Grab-&-Go Meal Services

When: Monday-Friday, 11:30 am-1:00 pm

Where: Alameda Park , Bicentennial Park, Caldwell Park, Hawthorne Park, OK Ward Park, Raymond Park, Lower Ross Park, and Stuart Park

*Locations subject to change with minimal notice


The Pocatello/Chubbuck School District 25 is set to begin grab-and-go meal service on Monday, March 30. The program will provide grab-and-go breakfast and lunch sacks due to anyone age 18 and younger. Children are not required to be present to receive the meal. Adult meals will not be available.

The meals will be pre-bagged so children can grab their sacks and go. There will be no eating at the location.

Individuals participating in this program are expected to practice social distancing at all times and leave the park immediately to consume their meals.

We appreciate the community’s adherence to these guidelines. The program will run indefinitely until further notice.

Talking with Kids About the Coronavirus

Talking with young kids about all that it happening due to the coronavirus can be stressful. How much do you tell then? How do you explain it? How do you reassure them when you are scared yourself? Below are some helpful resources to start that discussion.

PBS Kids:


Fear and Anxiety in the Face of COVID-19

How do you deal with the fear and anxiety resulting from the Coronavirus? Theses feelings are normal responses to the traumatic even we're currently experiencing.


We are introducing See-Tell-Now into our school culture, so there is a school-wide understanding of when to report a problem. We want students to be empowered to solve problems themselves- if a problem is not a See-Tell-Now, we encourage students to be problem solvers and take steps to resolve the problem themselves.

The basic gist: See-Tell-Now is to be used when there is danger or someone could get hurt. Examples of a SEE-TELL-NOW include: someone bringing a weapon to school, a strange adult on the playground, seeing smoke/fire, someone is sick/hurt, someone is physically fighting, witnessing sexual harassment/bullying, etc…).

  • SEE — When you are in and around our school simply be aware of your surroundings. You may notice something that doesn’t seem right, looks odd or is simply out of the ordinary.
  • TELL — Tell someone (a trusted adult)
  • NOW — Do it NOW. Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. If something looks out of place to you, it likely is.