Jeri Kay Brady

GEAR UP Coordinator

GEAR UP Idaho focuses on early planning and strategies to help you get ready for college.

GEAR UP will help you meet the standards necessary for high school graduation and provide you with the skills necessary to succeed beyond high school.

GEAR UP will advise you and your family of advanced learning opportunities available in Idaho, Financial Aid resources, and college access issues that will prepare your entire family for the transition to college.

GEAR UP will provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate your ability to succeed in college and the option to gain college credits while in high school.

Don't know what you want to be when you grow up?

Future Findr can help you figure out your interests!

What about taking college classes in high school?

Did you know the state will pay for the college credits you take during high school?

And there is a scholarship for students who graduate with 10 or more credits.

Check out the Advanced Opportunities website or talk to Mrs. Brady.

Do you even know what to do next? There's a website for that!

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