TALES Fellows

Teaching Artifacts from Lived Experiences in Storyteaching is a project to empower teachers to use the stories of their lived experiences as teaching artifacts. The TALES Fellowship, a professional development opportunity for formal and informal K-12 South Dakota educators, has been created to help develop and disseminate this project. The purpose of the Fellowship is three fold:

  1. Contribute to an archive of stories about lived experiences told with teaching artifacts.
  2. Be part of a professional learning community of TALES educators.
  3. Build the Fellows' capacity to intentionally and creatively use TALES in their teaching.

The TALES Fellowship is funded by a grant from the South Dakota Community Foundation Innovations Grant.

Fellowship Information


TALES Fellows do not have to be experts in storytelling nor do their lived experiences have to big and bold. As long as an educator has at least one example of a personal experience that they use for teaching content, they are invited to apply. Educators from any grade, content area and educational setting are invited to apply. Up to ten (10) educators will be selected.

Fellows must be employed as an educator in South Dakota at a school or educational youth serving organization during the time of the Fellowship, January through March 2020, serving young people in grades K-12.

Fellows must be available to fulfill the expectations during this time.


Fellows will:

  • Participate in an online gathering in early 2020 about storytelling with teaching artifacts from lived experiences.
  • Contribute a reflection about their process for creating a teaching artifact from a lived experience.
  • Provide an exemplar lesson plan.
  • Make a plan for their next lived experience that will generate a story that can be told with a teaching artifact.


Fellows receive a $100 stipend and the opportunity to receive graduate credit.


To apply, complete the form below by October 15. Notifications will go out by November 15. Planning for the online gathering will begin in mid December. If you cannot access the form below, you can find the form here or you can contact Anne Lewis at annelewis@sd-discovery.org or call 605-224-8295.