Teaching Artifacts from Lived Experiences in Storyteaching

Storytelling is an ancient method of instruction that can and should be used in the 21st century classroom in the form of storyteaching. What is storyteaching? Simply put, storyteaching uses your stories and personal experiences as a teaching artifact. If you are looking for a way to enliven and enrich your content, teaching artifacts from lived experiences in storyteaching (TALES for short) has a place in your pedagogical toolbox. TALES can be used in all content areas, grade levels and educational settings.

TALES can deepen student understanding, facilitate connection with your students, and enrich your life as an educator. How do you implement TALES? Simple!

  1. Have a real world experience that relates to content you teach.
  2. Create an artifact for teaching from that experience. This can be a photo, video, narrative story, art, or memorabilia.
  3. Include the story of your lived experience using the artifact when you teach the related lesson.
  4. Repeat!

Coming Spring 2020 an archive of TALES exemplars!

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