SD History Adventures

Be an Explorer!

May 6-9, 2019

South Dakota History Adventures is a day of field trips to significant sites in the Pierre/Fort Pierre area. The 2019 theme is Be An Explorer! Students in Grades 4-6 have the opportunity to explore the stars through the Lakota culture during a show in our portable planetarium, the river through a boat ride on the paddle wheel replica the Sunset , the outdoors on a hike on La Framboise Island (a Lewis and Clark spot of note), and our state through the the Cultural Heritage Center and the National Guard Museum.

New this year! All groups will be scheduled to eat lunch on the Sunset. This means you will enjoy all of our stops. No need to choose! Same price, more places to visit!


  • Cost: History Adventures will cost $9 per participant which includes students, chaperones and teachers. This is a great value for the money. This fee gets you entry into the South Dakota Discovery Center, a star show, a guided hike around La Framboise, two additional museum visits and a ride on the Sunset. This is a $30 package for $9. Groups not paying with a school check will be charged sales tax.
  • Event Dates: History Adventures is May 6-9. In the registration form you will be asked to rank your preferred attendance dates. Every effort will be made to accommodate you.
  • Event Times. Our first session starts at 8:30. We conclude at 2:30. Each session lasts an hour with 15 minutes in between to get from one place to another. We understand that some groups coming from a distance arrive late and leave early and that's ok! Just let us know in the registration form.
  • Registration Dates: Registration opens March 1 and will continue until all dates are filled.
  • Group Size: A single registration may consist of up to 30 students and chaperones. A small school may combine classes into a single registration as long as there are 30 or fewer students. A larger school will need multiple registrations. Schools with larger classes that are traveling on the same bus, please register separately but make a note of joint travel arrangements on the registration form. You will be scheduled together. We require chaperone:student ration of 1:10 minimum. If your group has an "in-between" number like 17 or 25 you would have an additional chaperone for students above the group of 10. So a group of 17 would have 2 chaperones, a group of 25 would have three.
  • What To Bring: Come dressed for the weather as we will be outside hiking on La Framboise Island. Teachers, please let us know if you have any students with mobility issues as we can accommodate the activity along a paved trail. In addition bring a sack lunch and beverage for every student. A student journal will be provided if you want students to keep a record of their explorations. Cameras are allowed but please help your students have a plan for keeping track of them. Students are not allowed to be on their devices during the programs. The South Dakota Discovery Center and Cultural Heritage Center do have stores; it is up to you if you are going to allow your students to shop.
  • Payment: On the day of your visit when you stop at the South Dakota Discovery Center you will provide the number in your party (students, chaperones, and teachers) and name and contact information of the person to invoice. Please note that we must charge sales tax unless payment comes through the school. THERE WILL BE ONE INVOICE PER SCHOOL. If you need separate invoices please let Anne know. You may also bring a school check. Please contact Anne if you would like an invoice before the day of the event.
  • Contact: Questions? Email Anne or call 605-224-8295.

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