SD 319 Information & Education Funding

The South Dakota Discovery Center, sponsored by the South Dakota Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources through funding provided by the US EPA Region 8, requests proposals for outreach and education projects that engage adult and community audiences in watershed protection and restoration. 

 Project requests up to $10,000 are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed monthly.  Projects cannot begin until they are approved and a contract is signed so a project start date of two months after submission is suggested. All projects must conclude by June 1, 2026. 

Request for Proposal for 319 Mini-grant.


II. Goals & Priorities

A. Goals. 

The goal of the 319 program is to protect and restore the beneficial uses of the state’s surface and ground water resources by controlling nonpoint source pollution. The 319 program takes a predominantly non-regulatory approach, relying upon voluntary implementation of those practices which reduce, mitigate or prevent nonpoint source pollution. 

A non-regulatory approach requires an informed and educated citizenry that is willing and able to support and implement nonpoint source pollution reduction practices and initiatives. Information and education projects develop stakeholder and citizen awareness of watersheds, non-point source pollution causes, its impacts, and methods of prevention through a variety of methods. 

B. Expected Results. 

C. Priority Outcomes and Sample Activities. 

Grants will be made available to qualifying groups with projects that will achieve these results. 

D. Priority Audiences. 

III. Funding

A. Match

B. Amount Requested

C. Eligible and Ineligible Expenses

IV. Proposal Review Process 

A. Project Requirements

2. In addition to understanding the guidelines listed above, applicants should be aware of the following. 

V. Contact Information

319 Information and Education Coordinator: 

Anne Lewis

805 W Sioux Ave.

Pierre, SD 57501