Music and Sound

Music and Sound

Beautiful Audio Editor (tutorials here) (district-approved online sound and music editor)

Scratch (click sound tab, save file as download)

Serato DJ software tutorials (job aids)

Serato DJ software tutorials (videos)

Free intro version of Serato software

Midi library

Audio Library (free music and sound effects)

Rap Music approved by Common Sense Media

Listen to clean rap for Science (scroll down)

When to Make Rap Music Video

Please watch Keiko Matsui demonstrating a creative and collaborative spirit.

How can we promote the creative and collaboritive spirit embodied by Keiko Matsui in our school district?

Some rap songs can have simple subject like "Man's not hot" when asked to take his jacket off. If that topic is okay for a song, it seems like any school-appropriate topic could be incorporated into a song.

Actually, this song is from a comedian. Here's what wikipedia says about him:

"Michael Kwame O Dapaah (born January 1991) is a British actor, comedian and social media personality, best known for portraying the fictional grime MC Big Shaq."

Learning about Music for Beginners offers free video tutorials. The intro video is at the bottom of the page here.

Notice the spirit of freedom, joy, and creativity in Nastya Malova's body language. Watch the video to see how Nastya mixes digital and vocal loops with live singing.