Leonardo da Vinci

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Walter Isaacson's book about Leonardo da Vinci is highly recommended for anyone interested in learning about the creative intersection of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Empathy. All states seeking to follow the spirit of the Common Core Standards would benefit greatly from Walter Isaacson's insightful understanding of how Leonardo both viewed and portrayed the world around us. Perhaps STEAM educators would gleen the most from this this thoughtful book. The audio book version allows you to enjoy the book while walking or driving.

Jack Riviere

Silicon Valley Technology Teacher on Special Assignment

Millikin kindergarten students in Mrs. Ridley's class practiced using their imaginations and their sense of empathy. Each student created a "character" and then chose what setting to place the character in for the photo composition. Students shared how their characters were feeling, thinking, or saying. All photos with captions were shared with the class via Slides.