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News ELA directions

Special Ed

Here is the link to the Don Johnston Website so you can watch a demo of both programs in action!

Add the Co:Writer Extention

Add the Snap&Read Extention

NGSS Roll-out

Module 1: How do we use phenomena to drive teaching and learning?

Module 2: How do we use modeling to explain phenomena?

Module 3: What is Engineering?

FOSS NGSS Resources

FOSS NGSS Life Training: Posters, sentence starters, and other resources


For access to resources such as Cross Cutting Concept Posters, please go to this Google Drive Folder.

FOSS Critter Pick Up Day 3/27/18

If your school has an order for live organisms please have someone pick them up at the Baer Center 3-3:30. Contact April Lincoln with any questions