Social Emotional Learning for Distance Learning and Beyond

The pandemic and current racial injustices have greatly impacted our community's sense of safety, socially and emotionally, sense of connectedness, and mental well-being. The daily stressors of social distancing and health anxieties impact ALL of us. As we return to school, and especially as we continue to deliver learning from a distance, we can mitigate the impact of current events with an explicit and intentional focus on Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Prioritizing SEL during distance learning means establishing positive relationships with all students, building socially and emotionally safe virtual communities where students feel a sense of belonging, and regularly teaching SEL Skills to ensure student access to core academic content. When we lead with SEL, students thrive.

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Transformative SEL speaks to the way adults model being culturally responsive and equitable in their practices in nurturing students' unique identity in order to cultivate agency and critical consciousness.

How adults show up to create positive conditions for learning matters in the way students feel a sense of safety, connectivity, belonging, and inclusivity in their classrooms and schools.

Students come to school with a wide array of lived experiences and fund knowledge that can be leveraged and nurtured so that they can move from being dependent learners to independent learners.

Parents and Caregivers play a critical role in developing and reinforcing their children's social emotional learning skills and experiences.

It’s our hope that by bringing voices of our students, families, and staff, we can deepen our sense of empathy, compassion, perspective taking, and begin to heal as a community- a community that is truly united toward equity, access, and social justice for all.

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