Mr. Jackman

Kit Carson International Academy

Contact information: phone: 916-342-1038 by phone 10am-7pm by text/email 10am-10pm

Your Devices: (PC, Laptop, Phone, etc)

  1. Do not drop, toss, or throw it, or things at it;

  2. Keep food and drinks away from it;

  3. Do not “bash” or “mash” your keyboard;

  4. Wash your hands: clean hands = clean keyboards and computers;

  5. Keep it charged up! When you’re done, plug it in.

Zoom policies

  1. Use the reaction/response icons in Zoom;

  2. Use wait time (pause for a few moments before talking) to avoid overtalking (talking at the same time as others);

  3. Hand-off communication to the next person when your done, so they know it’s their time to speak;

  4. Use Chat during instruction time to ask questions and talk about the lesson.

  5. Treat your fellow students and instructors with civility and class!

Attendance will be taken one of two ways

1) (Most recommended) Roll will be taken during Zoom meetings. If your child needs to leave early please have a parent or guardian come on the screen and let me know. You do not need to tell me the reason then. You can email/text me before or after class the reason.

2) A parent or guardian can email me: or text:916-342-1038 and let me know WHAT work they are doing in Google Classroom. If I hear from you but you don't tell me what your child is working on it will be considered an absence.