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Welcome! Please expand the Google Slide (above) to full screen so that you can access the hyperlinks. The "real" and updated College and Career Center website is the link on the chalkboard labeled "Website".

If you are exploring the bulletin and calendar and a link does not work try:

1) Copying the link and pasting it into a new internet search tab

2) Email Ms. Martinez so she can forward you the link.

Also, if you are exploring and see that something is outdated or a link is broken, please let me know!


Links to scholarship applications are available on our website. Hover on the "Scholarships" tab and select a category. Will be coming soon!

Work Permits


* Are you hired somewhere or about to be hired? Only then can you proceed with the Work Permit process.

1) Print out and fill out a Work Permit Request form (see button below). It MUST have all your personal information, employer information and signature, and parent signature. If any of that is missing it will be returned to you.

2) Return the completed Request Form to Your Request Form will be processed and a Work Permit will be issued and sent to you via email.

3) Sign your Work Permit where it says Minor Signature, scan or take a picture of the signed document and return via email.

If you need to print somewhere, UPS stores offer printing services or ask your employer to print your Request Form for you.

Work Permits are processed in the order they are received and only during business hours. Processing can take 1 to 3 business days depending on volume of requests received.

More Info about Work Permits and the Work Permit Request Form can be found on our website.

Career Exploration

Got some time to think about careers? Start exploring! Take online career, skill, and interest assessments to see which careers suit you.

Senior FAQs

***Read EVERY EMAIL that your college sends you and follow their directions EXACTLY and PROMPTLY. Every school has different deadlines, paperwork, instructions and it is YOUR responsibility to respond.

1) Where Can I get Official Transcripts? Email Mrs. Alicia Washington at

2) How can I get a Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or counselor? Email them. The staff directory is here:

3) Where can I order SAT Scores?

4) Where can I order ACT Scores?

5) How do I know what my financial aid package looks like for college? Create a portal/ student account on the website of every school you applied to. If you submitted a FAFSA or Dream Act or CSS Profile already, your financial aid package should be available for viewing.

6) Where can I see the status of my Cal Grants? Create an account at:

7) How much is my Cal Grant? See the different amounts at:

8) Can I still apply for Financial Aid? Yes! FAFSA, Dream Act, CSS Profile