We Are the Vikings

6th Grade at SMS

Contact us through email or at 440.572.7090 anytime.

Viking Team

*From left to right.

Mary Goetz - Math and Social Studies


Cindy Wyszynski - Intervention Specialist


Jamie Hrabnicky - Language Arts and Social Studies


Ginette Quien - Math and Social Studies


Scott Schlosser - Science


Holli Ruman - Language Arts and Social Studies


What does it mean to be a Viking?


  • Keep hands and feet to self.

  • Use materials properly.


  • Be prepared. (Please make sure to have the proper materials ALL year!)

  • Follow classroom procedures.


  • Respect all property.

  • Return borrowed materials.

  • Treat others with kindness and compassion.

  • Be mindful of personal space.

More detailed Viking info - Open House Letter

Google Log In

We use Google Chrome at school. Students may need to access Google Classroom or Google Drive to complete an assignment. When working at home remember to be logged into your CHROME ACCOUNT!!

How to login from home:

username: graduation year, last name, firstname

example: 00lastname.firstname@scsmustangs.org

Password: student number and lower case initials

example: 123456ab

Click above to access our homework page. We encourage nightly practice/review. Yes even if no homework is assigned! If your math teacher assigns 5-10 questions for homework...try 5 more! If you have been asked to read 20 minutes...read for 30! Nightly practice will help you to feel less stressed when studying for a test.


Below are a links of the books and resources we use. In the first few weeks we will practice how to get into these materials. It is important to be logged into your GOOGLE CHROME SCHOOL account for this to work at home!

Viking T-Shirt

Order your Viking T-Shirt through Amazon. We like all wear our t-shirts to show Viking Spirit!