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8th Graders and 8th Grade Parents: Can you believe it is time to create your High School schedule?

Parents: If you have questions, Mrs. Ault and Mr. Hubbard will be there to help, along with Mr. Fife from the SHS. You can always call us at 812-522-5453.

The "R" Of The Week

Conflict "Resolution"


• Stop and Think

• Stay Calm

• Talk

• Listen

• Think Ahead

• Come Up with Solutions

• Ask for Help


• One person talks at a time

• No physical fighting

• No emotional or verbal abuse (no name calling, hurtful personal attacks or profanity)

• Discuss only one issue at a time

• Do not blame others

• Use good eye contact

• Take a time out if needed

• Be tolerant of the other person’s ideas and opinions - everyone’s point of view is important

School Etiquette

Remember to treat your peers with kindness and respect. We all have bad days but we can not take it out on the people around us, they do not deserve it.

From The counselors:

Preparing for I-STEP!

Academically, you should be prepared. That goes without saying! We're talking about physically being prepared!


get enough rest. (You should be getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night.)

Eat Healthy. A pop tart and a monster is NOT a good breakfast. You want to eat a breakfast that is high in protein, such as eggs and bacon. (We are providing free breakfasts for all of our 7/8 students.)

Exercise. Find a way to take at least 10,000 steps. It will clear your head and reduce stress. Get Active!

Stress Reduction. Do you get nervous and stressed for tests? Most of us do in one way or another. Recognize your stress level and find a way to relieve it, whether it's a quick game of hoops, a short visit to YouTube, or a quick video game, try to relax.


Stay up all night on the weekend then think your body will 'snap' back when it's Monday morning. Stay in your sleep patterns.

Eat a bunch of junk food. It's never good for you, but pick a day as an 'indulgence' day and use that to eat your Ben and Jerry's tub!

Emotionally get into drama. Mental issues do affect us physically, too.



Saturday 2/25 - SMS Wrestling @ Highland Hills Invitationa - 7:30 am
Monday 2/27 - SMS Swimming Homs vs. Jennings County and South Ripley
Thursday 3/2 - SMS Swimming Home vs. Jackson Creek
Thursday 3/2 - SMS Wrestling @ Brown County 
Saturday 3/5 - SMS Wrestling Tri-County Tournament @ Jennings County





*Yearbooks are now on sale

80 full color pages

softcover yearbooks $20

hardcover yearbooks $25

order online at

or place money in envelope in box in the office

ordering ends March 3rd

21st Century Scholars

All students need to apply by June of their 8th grade year. The scholarship is based on income, but all should apply. It will pay for tuition to any state school in Indiana.

This link will take you to the site for more information and to actually apply.

(Please direct any questions to Mr. Hubbard and Mrs. Ault.)

Don't forget to collect your box tops and turn them in the main office.

Community Resource

Anchor House

250 S. Vine Street
P. O. Box 765
Seymour, IN  47274
Telephone:  812-522-9308
Fax:  812-524-0803
A United Way Agency

Our Mission

The Anchor House mission is to ‘Foster Lifetime Independence while Feeding our Community’ by providing a safe, temporary home for individuals and families needing shelter and a food pantry for client and community use.
Anchor House is run not only by staff members and Board Members, but also volunteers.  Anyone is able to be volunteers.  The different types of volunteers are, but not limited to, as follows:

•  Professional Volunteers
• Youth Group Volunteers
• Corporate Volunteers
• Impact Program
• Community Corrections

Reading Strategy of the Month

By: Mrs. Ramp

It is said that before third grade children learn to read and after third grade children read to learn.This transition depends upon strong reading comprehension. This means that readers must monitor and manage their own reading and understanding - enter the Click and Clunk This strategy offers four steps to increase reading comprehension.

Step 1: Preview

Much of what we do in life involves a preview. Since a preview simply means thinking about or looking at the steps of a task ahead of time, making a list before grocery shopping or even looking up a movie online before heading to the theater are previews.

Readers should always begin a text with a two or three minute preview. This simply means noting features such as the title, subtitles, and bold/italicized keywords. During the review it is also important to think about what is already known about the topic and to predict what new information the text may offer.

Step 2: Read Aloud

Read the passage aloud. Remember that when it isn’t possible to read out loud, the words can be mouthed silently. The mouthing technique can improve focus on the text.

Step 3: Click or Clunk

The most essential skill for reading comprehension is metacognition. This Click and Clunk is a way to develop metacognitive skills. It is, in other words, a way for the reader to think about what he or she is thinking while working through text.

A click is a section of the text that makes sense - that the reader understands. A clunk is a part of the text that is confusing. Readers should mark clunks in the passage that lead to a lack of understanding.

Step 4: Fix It

Review the clunkers in the text. Make notes about the clunkers and then do internal and external research to improve understanding. Internal research means thinking about all of the things one already knows and applying that information to clear up the clunker. This could include identifying context clues, cognates, or word roots. It also means making connections between the text and other knowledge the reader has experienced.

Next plan, then complete, external research. The planning step means identifying what is confusing about the clunker. External research means using available sources including friends, family, teachers, or technology to answer those questions.

Mrs. Mirer

Ms Mirer started her teaching career in 1983 at Hamilton South Eastern High School. She came to Seymour in 1986 and has been here ever since. Ms Mirer attended Ball State University where she earned a B.S. in Music Education and a Masters Degree in Music Education. In 1996 she earned her Masters Degree in Counseling from Indiana University.

She believes Seymour Community Schools is a great place to teach where teachers are truly supported for their efforts.

Chromebook 101 for Parents and Students

Care & Maintenance

  • All chromebooks must be carried in a school-supplied carrying bag.
  • Students should not carry sharp, pointed, or heavy objects in the pocket of the carrying bag.
  • Books or other heavy objects should not be stacked on top of the chromebook.
  • Chromebooks should not be open while walking in the hallways, to and from school, or on the bus.

Procedures for damaged/loaner chromebooks

  • Loaner chromebooks are available in the OwlsNest for damaged, lost, or forgotten chromebooks.
  • If a student comes to class without a chromebook (lost, stolen, damaged, or left at home), the student will be sent to the OwlsNest for a loaner chromebook.
  • Students who repeatedly have a damaged, lost, or forgotten chromebook will be referred to Mrs. Wessel for discipline.
  • Loaner chromebooks will be identified by a yellow “Loaner” tag that will be displayed on the carrying bag.

Parent Responsibility

  • If you are aware that your child’s chromebook is lost, stolen, or damaged please contact Student Services at 812-522-5453 to inform us.
  • Any damage to a chromebook that has been deemed to be the result of negligence, improper care, and/or repetitive damage, will be the responsibility of the parent to pay the repair cost.
  • Seymour Middle School will send a damage report home, with an explanation of events leading up to and causing the damage to the chromebook. A bill will also be sent with the damage report.
  • Parents are expected to make payment at Seymour Middle School in a timely manner.
  • All students at SMS are required to have a chromebook. Parents cannot request that their child not be given a chromebook.

Seymour Middle School Attendance Policy

When a student is absent from school a parent or guardian needs to call the attendance office on the day of the absence, unless the absence was prearranged. Absences are categorized into two categories: excused and unexcused. Excused absences are absences that represent urgent reasons: sickness, impassable roads, quarantine, death in immediate family, required religious observance, or weather so inclement as to endanger the health or safety of the student. Absences are unexcused if a parent doesn't notify the school of a student absence or if the absence doesn't fall into one of the excused categories. Parentally excused absences (called in, but no doctor's slip) are limited to 10; any absences after 10 that are due to illness must have a doctor's note. New this year, unexcused tardies to school will begin accumulating into unexcused absences on the 6th tardy.

Attendance Court Procedure for Jackson County Schools

1. At three unexcused absences the school attendance officer will send a letter to the parent/guardian of the truant child.

2. At 6 unexcused absences the juvenile prosecutor will send a letter to the parent/guardian of the truant child.

3. At 8+ unexcused absences, a conference will be held at the child's school. If the parent/guardian fails to attend the conference, decline to participate in a program of informal adjustment, or if the child/parents fail to abide by the conditions of the informal adjustment program, a school official will file probable cause affidavit alleging failure to attend school, and the case will be referred to the Prosecutor's Office.