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3rd grade Atkins Elementary / 276.783.3366

Important Dates:


Students are encouraged to work on IXL in reading and math at home. There is app that can be downloaded for IXL on mobile devices or you can access the website at

In READING students are currently working towards completing the following levels:

  • We will begin IXL within the next couple of weeks!


Please read 15 minutes each night with your students. Every 3rd grade student is required to read and quiz on 3 AR chapter books on their assigned reading level each 9 weeks.

Help Your Child Become a Better Reader

The image above has a list of some great questions to ask your child during your 15 minute reading time each day!

Useful Reading websites: (a review of all SOLs covered in class) (questioning, making connections, be a detective) (cause & effect) (inferencing) (strategies) key aes00019 (compound words) (compound words) (homophones) (homonyms) (strategies) (sequence) (author's purpose) (main idea & details) (ONLY do reading activities) (Cause and Effect) (Cause and Effect). (Main Idea) (Main Idea) (Main Idea) (Sequencing) (Story Elements) (Story Elements) (Text Features) (Text Features Jeopardy) (Context Clues) (Context Clues) (Context Clues) (ABC Order) (ABC Order) (ABC Order) (ABC Order) (ABC Order) (Guide Words) (Guide Words) (Dictionary) (Review, Pick from the list) (Reading Comp) (Reading Comp) (Reading Comp-Pick from 3rd grade list)

Useful Grammer websites: (fragments and runons) (sentence or fragment) (subject/verb agreement) (subject/verb agreement) (common & proper nouns) (subjects and predicates) (subjects and predicates) (singular and plural nouns) (singular and plural nouns) (common and proper nouns) (nouns) (types of sentences) (types of sentences) (types of sentences) (verbs) (verbs) (verbs) (verbs) (kung fu sentences) (sentence millionaire) (sentence millionaire) (idioms)

****** (parts of speech) (practice skills)