Class overview

Math 8H is a high school level math course which covers topics from Algebra 1, Geometry and Data and Statistics. I love this class because it teaches you to THINK. You will analyze, generalize, reason logically and use math to solve complex and interesting problems.

Textbook and Materials


CPM Integrated 1

Access Code: UQN2E


  • Graph Paper Composition Notebook (even though we are meeting virtually!)

  • Scientific or Graphing Calculator

  • Loose leaf graph paper (or printed off the web)

Helpful Chrome Extensions and Free Apps for a Smart Phone

  • Hypatia (chrome extension)

  • Lightshot (chrome extension)

  • Google classroom app

  • PDF Scanner for a smart phone

    • AdobeScan (Android)

    • Notes app (iPhone)



Desmos - online graphing calculator


PearDeck (this is the link for joining with a code)

Desmos (for activities with a code)

Parent guide

Google Classroom Codes

STUDENT link Period 1: qizfnj6

STUDENT link Period 2: kfoz6mt

FAQ (Policies and Procedures)

  1. Why do I have to make a PDF scan of my work when I submit it?

When you use your phone to make a PDF scan it changes the contrast and makes it much easier to read and give feedback. I want to see your work clearly so that I can be the most helpful in your mathematical journey

  1. Why don't I get credit when there is no title on my work?

Organization is a life skill which will help you not only in school but also in your adult life. However, if you need a reason right NOW, here it is... I am not foolproof about putting grades into Illuminate. Ask my former students, they will tell you that they have needed to locate the odd homework or classwork assignment. If your work is titled clearly, it'll be that much easier to contest a grade.