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The Zoom links are for students of SVMS Magliato's English 8. Parents/guardians can be invited separately to receive guardian summaries. Join the Google Classroom only if you are a student in the class.

Google Classroom(check daily to do assignments)

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Be sure to have your first and last name. I will be taking roll as you're in the waiting room.

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Office Hours Zoom Link: Click here

I recommend:

*Google Classroom (phone app)

*Lightshot (chrome extension) for easy screenshots

*PDF Scanner for a smart phone

    • AdobeScan (Android)

    • Notes app or Scannable (iPhone)


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About me

My name is John Anthony Magliato. This is my 30th year of teaching(crazy, huh?).I love teaching although I prefer the classroom type. I have traveled a lot in the past and look forward to more. I’ve been to Egypt, England, Italy(favorite), and most National Parks. I hope to ride some of the stages of the Tour de France. I am married to a teacher at SLV and have two daughters, 22 and 20.