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About Mr. Redmond


I was born and raised in Scottsdale before moving to Washington for college. Since then, I've been pursuing education nonstop - both as a teaching career and continued personal education.

In addition to teaching, I spend my spare time gardening, playing video games, cooking, reading, and playing chess. More on my hobbies is included further down!


B.S in Computer Science, University of Puget Sound

M.Ed. in Secondary Education, Arizona State University

More to come?

Mr. Redmond's Major Works

Safe and Sound: An app designed to improve university security protocols.

Mitigating Academic Stress Though Mindful Activities


I will be running the Chess Society this year; high school meets Wednesdays at Lyceum in Room 230. All grades meet Wednesday after school starting at 2:45 in Room 201 - the later time is hosted by Mr. McAfee). If you want to join, come find us!

I currently am or have been involved with:

  • Chess Society

  • Archery

  • Theatre productions

    • Seussical

  • Fantasy Society

  • Extracurricular programming opportunities


I enjoy gardening, and have been trying to grow plants for tea.

Board games, especially chess. I play a few days a week, both with students and outside of school. I am also fond of Connect 4 and Go, but I don't know many people that play the latter. Ask me about learning the game!

I also enjoy video games, and design* Pokémon for fun! Here are two interesting examples: Archaera was developed based on interactions with the Fantasy Society enrichment course, and Clammon came from a discussion with a student in Homework Club.

*I do not draw the artwork myself - I develop all the written portions of the documents, and various artists develop the visuals.