Class registration for the 2021-2022 School Year is now available. Please complete the form for the next school year by Friday, February 12th. Counselors will visit homeroom classes during February and March to answer questions and correct errors made for class selection. Early registration allows SHS to survey the needs and wants of students and better plan for the next school year.

There is also information about Early Graduation, Dual Enrollment, and Graduation Requirements available below.

Early Graduation Information

PowerPoint and Video

College and Career Readiness Indicators

Must have achieved one of the following:

ACT Benchmark in at least one subject area

  • Reading 22
  • Math 22
  • Science 23
  • English 18


Pass all three sections of the exam with a minimum of a 4 (Bronze level)

Advanced Placement ( AP)

Pass AP exam with a minimum of a 3)

College Credit Attainment (Dual Enrollment)

Military Enlistment

Career Tech Credential