Scottsboro High School

Key Club

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What is Key Club All About?

Key Club is made up of students who want to make positive changes in our school, community and the world. We take turns leading projects, committees and our club, and we help each other overcome challenges so we can successfully serve others. Members vote on where we want to spend our time and energy.

Sometimes we fundraise for things we are passionate about. Other times we roll up our sleeves and clean parks, paint classrooms, work food pantries or do whatever is needed to make a difference. We even advocate for change and make our voices heard.

Helping others ends up helping us too. We learn how to lead people and work with leaders in our schools and communities. We discover how to motivate, inspire and bring out the best in one another. We make friends who are as passionate as we are about changing the world. And we learn time management, delegation and other skills that will help us the rest of our lives.