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The Short Version! About me

My name is Sylvia Coleman. You may address me as Dr. Coleman. I have taught in middle and high school settings, as well as access distance learning. I have taught for 19+ years. I enjoy learning new things and sharing my knowledge with those around me. I enjoy family and friends. When I am not participating with school related activities, I enjoy remodeling parts of my home and my doll house. I also enjoy exploratory food preparation.

FCS Class overview

Course content provides opportunities for students to explore characteristics of strong families; family customs and traditions; healthy relationships; marriage readiness; parenting issues; consumer behavior; clothing, housing, and food needs throughout the life span; effects of technology on the family; and career options related to family and consumer sciences and human services (Alabama State Department, 2018). In addition, Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) will help students develop skills for managing many areas of his or her life, including those needed to choose and develop a career, manage personal finances, and care for personal and family needs such as housing, food, and clothing.

Integrated Class Activity with Extension