For Parents and Family

For Parents and Family

The Scott County School District is committed to delivering a quality science education to all of our students that provides them with applicable skills in life and academics. Our approach to teaching is multi-dimensional, including the Science and Engineering Practices, Cross Cutting Concepts, and Disciplinary Core Ideas outlined in the Next Generation Science Standards. Our students will continue to build upon skills and knowledge that they have developed through a carefully integrated science curriculum that began in elementary school and will culminate in college and career readiness.

Connecting with Mr. Ramsey

Email - - I stay on top of this and you can expect a reply within 24 hrs during the school week.

Google Classroom Parent Reports - All parents are invited to receive a report on their progress in my classes from Google Classroom. Keep an eye out for an invitation to receive these reports and do not hesitate to request another if you accidentally delete the first or lose it in your junk mail.

Working Offline With G Suite for Education Apps

If your teacher assigns work that can be completed or turned in as a Google Doc, Slide, or Sheet, you do not need to be online to work on that file. Check out this video to help you prepare to access your files when you stop by one of our SCHS Community Tech Zones so that you can work on them while offline. Then, you can turn them in the next time you have web access.