Stick Curling

Every Tuesday morning, from 9:30 to 11:30, Wolfville curlers interested in Stick Curling are encouraged to come to the club. Games will be organized based on the numbers that show up.

What is "Stick Curling" you ask? Any curler in any club game can deliver the curling stone using a specially designed stick instead of crouching in the hack and delivering the stone while sliding out. The "stick" has meant that active curlers can now be in their 70's or 80's and in the case of three of Wolfville's best, they can be in their 90's and still curl.

So anyone can use a stick but what is the "Stick Curling Game?"

In a stick curling game there are only two players. One curler stays at each end of the sheet and delivers all 6 rocks in an end. Yes, 6 rocks, not 8. The other curler is playing skip at the other end. No sweeping is allowed until the rock crosses the far hog line. No takeouts are allowed until the 4th stone is delivered. A game is only 6 ends not 8. If they call a timeout (max 2) the two players can meet at centre ice to discuss what to do.