Industrial Camera Software Development Kits


Hikvision industrial camera SDK is based on GenICam standard, compliant with GigE Vision and USB3 Vision standard, and can be used t control the connected industrial areas cameras and line cameras, supporting camera image debugging and secondary development.

Key Features

  • Users can use SDK API or MVS to debug camera image, acquire and set camera parameters
  • Powerful GigE driver can improve the ability of transmitting and processing image with extremely low CPU resources.
  • USB3 driver fully supports USB3 vision standard and ensure that the U3V camera transmits ultra-high-speed image data with USB3.0 bandwidth.
  • Rich API interfaces can be used to facilitate quick and effective secondary development
  • Support implement in Halcon, Labview, Sherlock and other software and can provide DirectShow developing kits
  • Various sample programs, source code, and development documentation are provided for quick start
  • Support further API encapsulation, plug-in, and other forms of customisation

SDK can be downloaded freely here: