SCOPE Primary Uniform Guidelines

Please Note:

  1. Shorts are permitted only during August/September and May/June.
  2. Uniforms will be worn five days a week. Friday will be gym day and no jumpers/skirts may be worn on Fridays.
  3. Due to the high cost of the plaid jumpers and skirts, we ask that new families entering the school not purchase any plaid. If you are a returning SCOPE family, we ask that you not purchase any additional plaid jumpers or skirts. Feel free to continue wearing the plaid jumpers and skirts that you already have until they no longer fit. The plaid jumpers and skirts will eventually be phased out completely due to them being cost prohibitive for many families.
  4. Girls must wear shorts under jumpers/skirts when the weather is hot, and tights or black leggings under jumpers/skirts when the weather is cold. Our teachers have noted that due to the activities our students engage in, wearing shorts/tights/leggings under jumpers/skirts is necessary for the sake of maintaining decency. Both boys and girls will be allowed to wear light blue and light pink polo/collared shirts.

The following table contains the full uniform policy information for the 2018-2019 school year. The policy was developed with the intent of making as few changes as possible (so that families can use clothing they already have), keeping things simple, and being as fair as possible.

SCOPE Uniform Policy 2018-2019:

Dress Code Policy.pdf

Questions or concerns? Please contact Jamie Parmelee at jamie.parmelee@gmail.com and/or Jill Pildner at jillritzman@hotmail.com.

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