Work for Remote Learning

  1. Have your school timetable in front of you

  2. Click on the lesson that you should be in

  3. Click on the relevant week for that subject area (each subject below will have a note underneath it directing you on which week number you will need.)

  4. Click on the relevant year group and lesson of that week

  5. Complete the work for that lesson

Keep up-to-date with school life and watch the assemblies that have taken place. All assemblies are at the bottom of this page and are in date order!

Remember to check your emails to see if you have been invited to a live lesson on Microsoft Teams.

How to access Teams lessons

English - Please refer to week 3

Maths - Please refer to week 3 (for shared groups in Y7- see below).

Shared group SS/JD - SS lessons week 2 - lessons 1 &2 (7N1), JD lessons week 4 - lessons 1&2 (7GM1). Shared group SS/ED - SS lesssons week 2 - lessons 1&2 (7N1), ED lessons week 4 - lessons 1&2 (7GM1).

All year groups please go to week 2 learning

History - Please refer to Week 3

Geography - Please refer to Week 3

Computing - Please refer to week 3

RE - Please refer to week 9

Music - Please refer to week 3

French - Please refer to week 2

Life - Please look at week 1 and 2

Art - Under construction

PE - Try to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. You could watch Joe Wickes on YouTube or make up your own circuit, depending on the space available in your home.

DT - FFT and RMT please refer to Week 3


Careers assembly week beginning: 28th September. You will need to download this presentation to listen to it. If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer, you can view the PDF version underneath.

careers assembly SMS.pptx
careers assembly SMS.pdf
BLM - BLACK HISTORY MONTH Assembly with audio - ED.pptx
Growth Mindset Assembly 26th January 2021.mp4
Maths & Eng Across the Curriculum .mp4
NSPCC Number Day Assembly 2021.mp4