EARCOS Professional Learning Weekend: Informing Planning, Learning and Inquiry Through Assessment

Workshop Outline


This workshop will be suitable for teachers and leaders that want to improve their assessment of student learning. This includes classroom teachers, single subject teachers or coordinators teaching in elementary to middle school.


This workshop will focus on how to effectively assess students in order to plan to meet their needs. It will look at the difference between formative and summative assessment and give participants the opportunity to develop assessment strategies they can implement in their teaching. The workshop will examine all aspects of formative assessment and how to effectively use day to day formative assessments to meet the needs of students.

What to bring:

Participants will need to bring assessment tools they currently use and samples of student work to look for evidence of learning.

The workshop will focus on:

  • What is assessment? Why do we assess?
  • What is the difference between an assessment tool and an assessment strategy?
  • Examining the difference between Assessment For, Assessment Of and Assessment As Learning
  • The difference between big data and small data (focus of the workshop is on small data)
  • What is the role of backwards planning and assessment?
  • How do we determine expectable evidence of learning?
  • Using the Innovative Global Education Rubric of Understanding to develop levels for assessing conceptual understanding
  • What makes a good summative assessment task?
  • Examining the importance of formative assessment for student learning
  • Understanding the role of prior knowledge
  • Exploring formative assessment tools and strategies that assess students’ understanding of conceptual learning
  • Understanding the role of feedback as a formative assessment strategy
  • Examining the importance of learning intentions and criteria in assessment
  • Understanding and examining the role reflection and self assessment as a part of the learning process
  • Examine day to day formative assessment strategies and how can we use them in our everyday teaching to improve student learning
  • Reflect on where to go next with our assessment practice

Presenter Details

Tania LATTANZIO is an experienced international educator and Director of Innovative Global Education. Previously she was a teacher, coordinator, and manager with the International Baccalaureate; she is now Director of Innovative Global Education. In her role as Director she works as an education consultant extensively in Asia Pacific and other parts of the world. This role involves developing and conducting professional development for teachers and leadership, modeling pedagogy in classrooms, developing and designing curriculum for schools and working intensively with teaching teams, through mentoring and coaching, to improve planning, teaching and assessment. A passionate educator, Tania works closely with educational institutions to specifically meet their needs in supporting school reform, making significant shifts in pedagogy and curriculum in both local and international settings.

Tania has co written a book, Taking the Complexity Out of Concepts, available through Hawker Brownlow Publishers.

M Ed (Curriculum and Administration), Grad Dip (Librarianship), Dip Ed


Cost for the Professional Learning Weekend is USD75 per participant for EARCOS Member Schools and USD175 per participant for non-EARCOS Member Schools.

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To ensure that your payment through wire transfer is properly credited, please fax a copy of your proof of remittance to +86 (21) 62614639 or email a copy to payment@scis-china.org. Please write EARCOS Professional Learning Weekend, your name, and your school name in the subject line of the email or at the top of the fax.

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There are many hotels in the area near the SCIS Hongqiao (HQ) campus. Below are four recommendations of hotels ranging across different costs and ratings, with average/anticipated room cost listed for the end of November. Each is linked to the English Ctrip website for the hotel. Ctrip is a popular booking site in China, similar to Agoda and Booking.com. Participants at the Professional Learning Weekend are responsible for their own accomodation booking and transport to/from the SCIS HQ campus.

Home Inn Plus (如家虹桥)


1030 Hongqiao Road, Changning District, Shanghai

上海 长宁区 虹桥路1030号

Tel: +86 400 820 3333

Rooms (including internet access):

  • Deluxe Single: RMB450
  • Deluxe Twin: RMB450


  • 2km from SCIS HQ campus
  • Within walking distance of Line 3, 4, & 10 (Hongqiao station)
  • 90 minutes to Pudong Airport (PVG); 40 minutes to Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

Ji Hotel (全季酒店)


908 West Zhongshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai

上海 长宁区 中山西路908号 ,近凯虹路

Tel: +86 21 2213 4039

Rooms (including internet access):

  • Deluxe Single: RMB550
  • Deluxe Twin: RMB600


  • 2km from SCIS HQ campus
  • Within walking distance of Line 10 (Song Yuan station)
  • 100 minutes to Pudong Airport (PVG); 35 minutes to Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

Forte Hotel (福泰商务酒店)


88 Yili Road, Changning District, Shanghai


Tel: +86 21 6208 2323

Rooms (including breakfast and internet access):

  • Deluxe Single: RMB650
  • Deluxe Twin: RMB850


  • 1km from SCIS HQ campus
  • Within walking distance of Line 10 (Yi Li station)
  • 100 minutes to Pudong Airport (PVG); 35 minutes to Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

Hongqiao Jin Jiang Hotel (虹桥锦江大酒店)


5 South Zunyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai

上海 长宁区 遵义南路5号 ,近兴义路

Tel: +86 21 6275 8888

Rooms (including internet access):

  • Deluxe Single: RMB950
  • Deluxe Twin: RMB1200+


  • 2.5km from SCIS HQ campus
  • Within walking distance of Line 10 (Yi Li station)
  • 100 minutes to Pudong Airport (PVG); 35 minutes to Hongqiao Airport (SHA)

School Details

Mission: To develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring learners who contribute positively to their communities.

Set in the heart of the Hongqiao/Gubei area, SCIS has grown alongside the Shanghai community since it was founded in 1996. Proudly an IB World School running PYP, MYP, and DP, our graduates have established themselves across the globe as leaders and innovators, while always keeping hold of their SCIS Dragon spirit. We welcome all participants at our EARCOS Professional Learning Weekend and look forward to growing with you as we educate the next generation of international citizens.