project proposal by Tsilla Boisselet

Preparing the database of methods and tools needed to naturally restore the soil's fertility with a systemic approach

If you consider ground soil as a network, you no longer think about agriculture as a linear system from seed to product, but a consortium of various living species interacting, promoting and protecting each other, where waste turns into an additional resource ranging from food to energy production, naturally preserving the ground from erosion and from the degradation that comes from traditional exploitation. All of this without the need of industrial chemicals, that are not needed when the biodiversity is restored and the ecosystem lifecycle is restarted.

To really kickstart the ecosystem lifecycle requires system thinking through biomimicry, apply a combination of methods, tailored to the specific geographic conditions where they are applied. Combining them is a complex journey involving knowledge about plants, animals, climate and geology.

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This project needs people, labs, nurseries and farm land to prototype the new solutions before scale-up for propagation.

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