Open Participatory ENgagement in Collective Awareness for REdesign of care services in a collaborative consortium for social innovation

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Call for initiatives to hack health and social care

Sharing the stories of initiatives made by the people for the people, each with a promising and innovative approach to reinvent healthcare

We look for solving the shortcomings of the social and medical care system with a community-driven mindset for a better quality of life.

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some of the initiatives collected so far


the open-source hand-held ultrasound

“We strongly believe that Open Source and affordable approach and principles in medical devices are the means by which quality healthcare can be provided to all”, says Olivier De Fresnoye. read more...


community-driven care for the community's patients

We are Denise and Carry. In 2015, we were diagnosed with different types of cancer. Ever since we were diagnosed until the end of our treatment we were more than convinced our body could fight this and we eventually would win the battle. read more...

Soundsight training is an audio based virtual reality system that can train blind people to use echolocation in their daily life

SoundSight Training

training the blind to experience the world with echolocation

There are a quarter billion people in the world with serious visual impairment.

The team of SoundSight Training designed an audio-based virtual reality environment that can train blind people to use echolocation in their daily life. Read more ...

Preventing overweight and obesity by doctor Annamaria Acquaviva


Preventing overweight and obesity at the source

Dr. Annamaria Acquaviva, with a passion for tasty cooking and a healthy lifestyle, believes the two can work together. Prevention instead of cure: targeting the factors contributing to obesity is the first step, the key to changing for healthy behaviours. Read more ...

Deliverables from the project - updated

note: these are the deliverables from the SCimPULSE foundation only. The complete set of documents is managed by the University of Bordeaux. See links below for more information

Deliverable 1.4

Deep Games protocol and intended audience

WP1 D1.4 DeepGames protocol and intended audience.pdf

Deliverable 6.1

Ethics Guidelines - consent form

WP6 D6.1 Ethics Guidelines Consent Form.pdf

Deliverable 6.5

Ethics interim evaluation and guidance

Deliverable 6.5 - Ethics interim evaluation and guidance.pdf

Deliverable 4.5

Community driven care. Edit: This file has been updated and is the extended version of the previous file!


Milestone 11

Community driven care. A social contract

Milestone 11.pdf

Deliverable 1.6

Peer-auditing of the project, and indication on how to work-around failures and pitfalls


More files - shared from the project folder

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