Collision events

where ideas achieve escape velocity

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take co-creation and cross-fertilization to the level of collaborative forecasting

During a Collision Event, each participating player goes through a process that includes enrichment, acceleration and semi-random interaction between other existing agents of the foundation ecosystem, until each original idea evolves into a more viable, resilient and independent initiative.

Every idea or initiative requires the test of reality, even if reality has not happened yet. The future will be composed by initiatives that are now in early idea stage. The closest we can be to the future reality is to observe the interaction of the "prototypes" or primitive version of the future; those are the current ideas and initiatives themselves. Some survive, others will adapt or transform emerging into new ideas, fit for the future scenarios.

The Collision is a gamified simulation laboratory for proposals to co-exist -and "collide"- in a shared universe

That interaction with the other proposals enables the genius to discover ways of transforming the original concepts to new levels.

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because unique ideas are not standard thoughts

you have to experience them

Collision event 69192.7

A privileged group of global talents, scientists and entrepreneurs were invited to collide and co-create solutions for major conditions and issues affecting humanity today. Collateral benefits from this event were the seedlings of several projects including OpenCare, SoundSight Training, economy re-invented, the brain simulation, and new ideas that are now becoming ready for acceleration.

impulse initiatives to achieve escape velocity

we rely on a network of certified facilitators in mind-storming, LEGO® Serious Play®, design thinking and challenge-based learning, in addition to experts in the fields of hard and soft sciences

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